When a Guy Says He Wants You Sexually

For a lot of us, sex is a big thing. When it comes to a man you love, it does become a big deal. So, it’s only natural to want to know what he means when he says he wants to you sexually? I have always maintained one position when it comes to men. It is really difficult to understand what goes on in their mind. Most of them are not as emotionally aware as women are. So, you never know what they can mean when they say something serious. To get my sisters through such a dilemma, I bring to you everything you need to know about his sexual attraction to you. Know what he means and what to do!

he wants you sexually

What Does it Mean When a Guy Says He Wants to Make Love to You?

To understand this, you first need to be clear about your relationship with this guy. Are you dating? If not, then is there a mutual liking between the two of you or not? The length of your relationship also determines what he can mean. If you have reached that level where you are comfortable being in a sexual relationship then maybe he wants to take it to the next level. If you need to know more about his intentions then focus on the words. There is a difference between wanting to have sex and make love. While sex is simply a word to represent physical relationships. Making love is taking the next step in your relationship. It can only go on to represent that he is ready to take the relationship to the next level. But of course, whether you want to have sex or not is up to you. Sexual union is not the only testament to show your seriousness in a relationship.

If you are not dating but have a mutual liking, then this could only be a compliment. If you are open about these things with him, then this could be his way of giving you a compliment on your good looks. But how do you differentiate a compliment from a proposal? Has he been pushing to know what you think about him? Sexually, that is. If he has been desperately wanting to know your thoughts then this is more than a compliment. Has he been trying to hint at wanting to have sex with you any other way? Him telling you he wants you sexually then indicates that he’s looking for a no strings attached relationship. Then, it is up to you to decide what you want to do. But remember, no strings attached is not for everyone. A lot of people are unable to keep their emotions off the table in this arrangement.

How to Tell if He Wants You Sexually?

Not every guy is comfortable saying directly that he wants you sexually. Some drop hints. But it is important for you to know about that too. This knowledge allows you to navigate whatever dynamic you have with him easily. So, these are a few signs that tell he’s sexually attracted to you. If he’s interested in you sexually, he would stand really close to you. It gets to a point where you start feeling the sexual tension. Our bodies just have a way of knowing what distance borders on sexual attraction. When he is around you, does he sit with his legs apart? Studies suggest that men like to establish their dominance around the ladies. This is a classic move they use to convey sexual interest, although it is done unintentionally in some cases.

He might find excuses to touch you. Not creepy, perverted grabbing. But the subtle touch of the hands. Or he might volunteer to take that eyelash off your cheek. The little things that don’t make situations weird. But at the same time, convey his attraction. If he’s flirting really hard, he is trying to get in your pants. Well, that is a general rule of attraction. And flirtation is the foreplay. And finally, if you have good senses, you will feel it. Most women know when a guy is sexually attracted to them. The other signs will just help you put the pieces together in case you are in doubt.

How to Respond When a Guy Says They Want You?

 respond to he wants you sexually

So, answer a few questions to help with that. Have you been dating? How long have you been dating? If you are not dating then, what is he proposing? Is this simply a compliment or does he want a sexual relationship? Are you ready to be in a sexual relationship with this guy? Your sexual relationship should move at a pace that you are comfortable with. Now, one is that he says this to you with no strings attached. Maybe he means it as a compliment to your good looks. But when there is a sexual relationship expected from these words then you have decisions to make. Are you ready to be in a sexual relationship with this guy?

If this is your first time then the answer to this question matters a great deal. You will have this memory with you for a long time. Even if this isn’t your first time, don’t jump into something without thought. If you are not dating, then the decision you need to make is whether you want to have a no strings attached relationship. Not just with him, but in general. Having sex with someone and not let emotions get in the way is actually really tough. But remember, no matter what you decide, it should be what you want. Don’t worry about disappointing him. If he really loves you, he will understand your decision. But if he pushes you, then you need to put an end to this thing.

Signs He Only Wants to Have Sex with You

Now, how do you distinguish between genuine love and a sex addict? Here are a couple of signs that will help you tell the difference. All he cares about is your physical appearance. Guys who are in it just for the sex care a lot about how you look. Your physical appearance will be the only thing he compliments. And should you not look your best he will make his displeasure known. Do all conversations with him turn sexual? This happens with guys who only want to have sex and nothing meaningful. They find a way to always end up in that general direction. No matter the topic of discussion.

This goes to texts and emails too. Not just when you are face to face. He will be flirty and sexual over text and other indirect forms of conversation too. Simply put, it is all about sex with this guy. He never puts in an effort to impress you. A man who wants to woo you will take you on fancy and exciting dates. He will try his best to make you happy. But for this guy, a pizza at home is all he is willing to do. He will make his disappointment known if you refuse sex. Does he get angry when you refuse to have sex? That is because it is the only thing he was there for. Not the kind of guy you want to waste your energy on, right?


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