Important tips before getting hair extensions


You may not like hair extensions, but you can never ignore them. They add glamor to your look or it might not be wrong if I say they assure you a different look altogether. Hair extensions not only make your hair look longer and lustrous but also different.

You can attain a desired length of hair easily. But this calls out for deliberate attention for the beginners and care as well. Here are a few things you must bear in mind before going for hair extensions.

• Hair weaves better known as hair extensions, are kind synthetic hair that is attached to your scalp to add volume to your hair if the texture of your hair is scanty.

• You can also have colored hair extensions.

Important things you should know:
• Hair extensions can last for a shorter or longer period of time.
• It should be done under the guidance of your hair expert.
• It should go well with your looks and personality. If Hair extension goes well no one would ever spot the difference between your hair and the extensions.
• Hair extensions are easily available in salons. Good quality extensions can be easily washed, dried and colored as per your wish.
• With hair extensions, you can try various hairstyles, add beads and do number of stuff to make yourself look just wow.
• You can cover your bad haircut with the help of hair extensions.

Be Careful About:
• A special care is needed to be taken for hair extensions. Make use of special brush that ensures no wrecks to your extensions.
• Comb and braid your hair into one large loose braid at the back of the neck, before you doze off.
• While shampooing, use a gentle shampoo with a pH value no higher than pH7 and rinse under cold water, to avoid tangles. Do not rub or massage. Rinse thoroughly and apply conditioner and comb your hair, starting with the ends. Let the extensions air-dry.
• Do use styling gels, mousse, or hairspray. And make use of alcohol-free products as much as you can.