Happy Birthday, Sunny Leone!

 Happy Birthday, Sunny Leone

Karanjit Kaur Vohra better known as Sunny Leone, born on this very day, i.e, 13th of May, 1981, is a former Canadian pornstar now turned into a Bollywood actress and model.

She is a woman of virtue, has her own set of principles, and is brilliant at what she does. She is not only one of the most beautiful women across the globe but also a few of the most talented ones too.



Her voluptuous figure and her tantalizing eyes mesmerizes every eye that beholds her. Her beauty is enchanting and not only that, she is also a kind-heart, a compassionate human being who cares for her husband, and also for the society. Sunny has been a part of several campaigns, like PETA campaign, to raise social awareness. Here’s a video of her requesting people to adopt dogs and not buy them:

When asked by Womennow, during our interview with Sunny Leone, what keeps her motivated, she answered,

What keeps me motivated is that I want to work and I want to work every day. I have been given a chance of a lifetime and plan to harness this gift to the best of my ability.”

Women like Sunny Leone inspire us to follow our dreams, do what we were meant to do, lead our lives however we want to. It is for brave women like her, that the rest of us get courage enough to stand up tall, face our fears and make our dreams come true. Thank you, Sunny! For being such a great motivation to all of us.

Here’s wishing you the Happiest of Birthdays! May god bless your beautiful soul. India loves you and will continue to keep you at the top of the most googled celebrities!

Keep up the great work! We hope to see more and more of you!



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