Happy Everyday, Mothers!

Happy Everyday, Mothers!

Happy Everyday, Mothers!

On this mother’s day, we dedicate this special article to all the mothers who have helped raise such a beautiful World. Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for us, Mothers!
Because you see,

“It takes someone strong,
To make someone strong.”

Procter and Gamble recruited the director of The Reverent, Alejandro González Iñárritu, to make this short movie that recognizes and honours the vital part played by mothers in raising amazing children and in raising all the extremely talented athletes. This short film was made to celebrate the 100-day countdown to the London Olympics, 2012 Games. It will run throughout the Olympic Games starting from now.

Happy Everyday, Mothers!

Marc Pritchard, the Officer of P&G Global Marketing and Brand Building, said that with only a 100 days to go, when all the athletes are being chosen to represent their countries,

“At P&G we know that getting to the Olympic Games begins at childhood and that on each of these athletes’ journeys to London 2012, there was one person cheering for them louder than anyone…their moms. P&G is in the business of helping moms, not just moms of Olympians, all moms, all around the world. So we’re using our voice at the Olympic Games to thank moms everywhere.”

Happy Everyday, Mothers!Happy Everyday, Mothers!

4 different locations, different actors and athletes from each country were involved in the making of this campaign! These countries include – London, Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro and Beijing.

An Olympian, Paula Radcliffe, a world-class marathoner, said that she is so very proud and glad to be a part of the campaign as she truly feels that she would not be where she is, achieving such heights, if it were not for the immense support and love she received from her mother and her family.

‘Thank you, Mum!’

Happy Everyday, Mothers!

Various media channels will spread this campaign worldwide, from April to August. P&G branded commodities, the theme of which will be Olympic Games, will be sold in millions of shops all over the world. As P&G has promised, as a part of the Thank You Mom campaign, to raise at least $5 million to aid and help not only the mothers of the Olympic athletes but also all the mothers across the globe.

“We wanted to do something that would make a significant difference to moms all over the world,”

  • Pritchard added,

“So we asked moms in several countries what we could do to honor them for all they do for their kids. They told us that there was no better way to support moms than by supporting local youth sports organizations for kids.”

You can also join the campaign now, as P&G is starting its new application called the: Thank You Mom App. You can make and upload short video movies or still pictures to especially thank your mother and do something special for her on this Mother’s day. You owe her your life, make every second of her existence memorable!

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