What to do if you have bad breath?

Do you have bad breath?

Having bad breath is a major turn-off. We tend to judge people who have bad breath and can’t stand to be in close proximity with them. Moreover, bad breath is a sign of poor health. Something in your system must have gone wrong for the stench to have originated.


However, here are ways to overcome bad breath. Underneath, we have mentioned a few points which will help you understand better the factors that are causing your bad breath and the measures that can be taken to refresh your mouth again!


  • Take Care of Your Teeth

why do i have a bad breath

Don’t neglect them, they need care and maintenance the most or they will fall off! Not only must you brush your teeth on a daily basis (twice), but also should you floss your teeth regularly. Flossing will get rid of all the residual food and unwanted bacteria and keep your teeth shining and healthy.


  • Caffeine-Addicts

Do you have bad breath?

For those who consume coffee, let me break it to you – it is one of the causes leading to your bad breath. It dehydrates your mouth leaving a repulsive odour behind.

Quit coffee or at least reduce the number of cups you consume.


  • Alcohol/Liquor

Do you have bad breath?

Consumption of alcohol, wine, liquor, or any kind of cocktail causes the drying up of the mouth – making it one of the reasons for bad breath. One must avoid drinking too much of alcohol or face the undesirable consequences.


  • Sleeping Issues

Do you have bad breath?

You are supposed to sleep with your mouth closed. But are you doing it right? Keeping your mouth ajar while you rest peacefully may cause your mouth to dry up and smell like trash the next morning.

If your nose is blocked, use nasal drops. Try to lose the habit of breathing through your mouth.


  • Don’t Skip Your Meals

Do you have bad breath?

You cannot afford to skip breakfast or remain food-deprived for prolonged periods. You must keep yourself hydrated and energised in order to have good breath – to do that, you must eat your meals on time.


  • Bubble Gum Equals to Cavities

Do you have bad breath?

Cavities are an obvious cause for bad breath. But did you know: chewing gum gives way to different types of Bacteria which in turn becomes a major source of cavity?

We use gums to get rid of bad breath temporarily, but in the long-run, it is a harmful substance for your teeth and you must avoid it to avoid tooth decay.


  • Popping Pills

Do you have bad breath?

If you are under some sort of medication, you probably have bad breath. We can’t ask you to quit medicines, obviously, but your case is not absolutely hopeless. Keep taking care of your teeth, taking your meals on time and drinking lots of water/juice to keep yourself hydrated. The smell of your mouth will improve gradually.


  • Too Much Junk

Do you have bad breath?

Are you eating too much oily, junk, protein-rich food? Well then, you are the reason for your bad breath. Everything consumed at a balanced rate is fine, the minute you start to go overboard with your eating habits, you pave your way to health problems and bad breath.


  • Eat Healthy

Do you have bad breath?

Eat natural and healthy food – the only remedy to come back to a healthier state of body and mouth. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, not only will your bad breath go far, far away, but also will you see your skin glow.


The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.” – Ann Wigmore


  • Regular Check-ups

Do you have bad breath?

Lastly, you must go for regular check-ups to the dentist. Follow his suggestions, keep bad breath away and prevent tooth from decaying. It’s time you stopped being afraid of the dentist!