Healthy food for new mothers

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Motherhood is a gift of god and a wonderful feeling for women. Most of the women feel it as dream come true. A woman gets a new life after giving birth to a baby. She also gets a new body. Women lose a lot of blood and water during the delivery of the baby and the health conditions decrease in pre and post delivery stages. To recover from pregnancy women can take some specific foods. Here are some food recipes for Indian moms which they can eat up to one and one and a half month after the delivery.

1. Porridge:

It is the first food given to the new mother after delivery. The porridge is made up of milk, sago (a product made from tapioca) and sugar. It is easy to digest and helps to secret more breast milk. Porridge is served in the breakfast.

Another type of porridge is made up of garlic, which is known as garlic payasam, and it is continuing from our great grand mother’s age. It is served so as to generate heat in the body and to increase breast milk for babies.

2. Rice, dal and ghee:

For lunch hot rice and dal is a must. After delivery it is best served with ghee for lunch and the dal should not be spicy Spices should be avoided overall. Nowdays new moms do not like to take ghee as it may increase their weight. But ghee increases the heat in the body and makes the bowel movement smooth.

3. Bottlegourd curry:

Bottlegourd is the best vegetable to eat in post delivery stage. It increases the milk in the breast of new mothers for their new born. Bottlegourd is also easily digestible. So you don’t have to be worried about constipation.

4. Curry leaves:

Curry leaves contain plenty of carbohydrates and vitamins that are needed for the new moms. So you can take the powder of curry leaves with rice and ghee.



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