A heartfelt video for all future moms

‘Isn’t it like that for all mothers?’

A heartfelt video for all future moms

On this Mother’s Day, here is a post for all of you Future Moms and Moms that have already raised beautiful children. You guys have done so much for us; we are what we are solely because of you. You spent sleepless nights trying to put us back to sleep, cleaned us up, put up with all our tantrums and consoled us when we were low.

So on this special day, Womennow takes a little time out to dedicate a special article to all you Mothers. Because Mother’s day is just not today. It’s Everyday. Happy Everyday, Mothers! Thank you for bringing us into this planet, for birthing us and for giving us life. WE would not have been possible if it weren’t for You.

“I am expecting a baby.  I’ve discovered he has Down’s Syndrome.  I’m scared.  What kind of life will my child have?”

This is an email sent from a future mom.

The video that follows is the answer to her question.

These are the voices of 15 children and adults with Down’s Syndrome. Reassuring the spirit of the future mother, asking her not to be afraid. That her child will do a multitude of things! He’ll be able to embrace you, run towards you and tell you he or she loves you. Go to school, read and write, and even work like every other normal person. ‘And he’ll be able to write to you if someday he is far away.’ But some days, it is going to be ‘difficult’, very tough, ‘almost impossible’. But come on, almost every mother has to deal with the impossible every day.

‘So Dear Future Mom,’ this video is for you. Because your child can be as happy as the rest of them too. And isn’t her child’s happiness the biggest source of joy for every mother?


Saatchi and Saatchi Italy made this video for CoorDown – a national association in Italy for people with Down’s Syndrome. It was posted on YouTube on the 13th of March, and has over 7,000,000 views.

This moving message will touch you with compassion and love, as it will also remind you by pointing out, ‘Isn’t it like that for all mothers?’

So be brave, mothers. Every child is special in their own way. How you bring them up is up to you. It’s a stressful job, being a mother. I know. They know. And raising a Down’s Syndrome child is not an easy task either.

But isn’t that exactly what you were made for, mother? For all the difficult tasks men could never imagine handling? So Dear Future Mom, let me reassure you that everything is going to be okay. And believe me, when the time comes, you will do a marvelous job at it.


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