HGH Boosts Immunity

If it seems that the older you get, the more likely you are to become sick or take longer to recuperate, you are dealing with a straightforward fact. The immune system weakens with age, partly due to a decrease in human growth hormone production. In this report, we will focus on how HGH boosts immunity and how you can tap into that immune-boosting power.


How does HGH boost the immune system and what happens as you age?

Growth hormone production peaks during puberty, leveling off in the early twenties and beginning a slow decline before most people reach age thirty. That does not mean the body does not still need HGH. It is an essential hormone for cell regeneration, metabolism, energy, brain functions, libido, and immunity. As you age, HGH levels decline, and all these areas begin to suffer. You see it happen with wrinkles, weight gain, memory loss, lack of energy, and more frequent illness. If you can maintain higher HGH levels in the normal range, you will most likely not experience these issues.


How can HGH help immune system functions if it declines?

That is where HGH therapy for women is so important. Doctor-prescribed HGH injections provide the additional boost to growth hormone levels. By increasing the amount of HGH available to growth hormone receptor cells, you improve functions in all areas influenced by this hormone.


*HGH boosts immunity through a process called cell regeneration that is crucial for the production of blood cells.

How Does HGH Affect the Immune System?

Low levels of growth hormone leave the body at risk of developing allergies, autoimmune disease, viruses, and infections. Why? Because there are not enough T and B cells to fight these invaders. HGH boosts immunity through its process of cell regeneration that supplies additional T cells and B cells to the immune system.


How does HGH boost immune system production of T and B cells?

HGH uses other hormones to help in the process of creating these infection-fighting cells. First, it stimulates the production of insulin growth factor 1, a hormone that mediates growth hormone’s cell regenerating functions. Next, it boosts testosterone levels which stimulate the secretion of erythropoietin necessary for red blood cell production in bone marrow.

All the red blood cells and platelets, and about 60 to 70 percent of the white blood cells come from bone marrow. The remaining white blood cells are produced by the thymus, lymph nodes, spleen, and monocytes in reticuloendothelial tissue in various organs.

  • T-Cells

When the bone marrow produces white blood cells, some travel to the thymus to mature into T cells. Upon completion of maturation in the thymus, these T cells are ready to attack any infectious microorganisms that threaten the body’s health. Unfortunately, the thymus shrinks with age, becoming nothing more than a small mass of fatty tissue by the time most people enter their 70s. Boosting HGH levels before that can help regrow the thymus to support crucial T cell production.

  • B-Cells

Some of the white blood cells produced remain in the bone marrow to mature. These are the B cells that make antibodies that can prevent the spread of infectious microorganisms. Low HGH levels decrease available bone marrow for blood cell production by reducing cell regeneration. The result is less bone mass and decreased bone marrow.

HGH boosts immunity by working with IGF-1 and testosterone to increase bone mineral density for better blood cell production.

*HGH boosts immunity be improving B cell and T cell production in bone marrow and the thymus.

How to Use HGH to Improve Immunity

The best way to use supplemental HGH for immune system improvement is first to find out if you have a growth hormone deficiency. HGH therapy only provides benefits when the body does not manufacture enough growth hormone for its needs.

When you increase your body’s level of HGH, boost immune system, and support cellular regeneration, you provide the necessary hormones to keep the chain of blood cell creation going.

As HGH boosts immunity through strengthening the bones and improving thymus functions, you become healthier. Your body becomes a germ-fighting machine.

*HGH therapy boosts immunity by improving growth hormone levels in the body vital to the production of infection-fighting B and T cells.


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