Holy shit! Men’s beards are full of feces.

beards can contain feces

Disgusting findings in a man’s beard

Yuck! We already know that sometimes there are remains of food in man’s beards. But what a new study has found out is really disgusting. According to this study, 47 percent of men carry feces around in their beards.

All women with a preference for beards now have to be strong, because this is no joke: A study by Fragrance Direct and Manchester Metropolitan University has now actually found out that some man’s beards have excrement. To be more precise, the researchers found enterococci in the beard of the test persons. These are bacteria found in the digestive tract.

But how do these bacteria get into the beard? The answer is obvious: According to another study, 60 percent of men do not wash their hands after going to the toilet. When they then stroke their unwashed hands through their beard, the remains of the toilet visit sometimes get stuck.



What can a man do about it?

Of course, wash your hands first! The beard should always be cared for. This includes brushing and washing it: “Maintaining your beard is essential for its health and helps to keep the bacteria at a distance,” as a spokesman for Fragrance Direct explains. So men, don’t forget to wash your hands and keep your beard clean. Then kissing is much more fun and we girls enjoy it waaaay more!



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