6 Home remedies for facial hair removal


The abnormal hair growth (especially on the face) amongst women is a painful phenomenon that may even lead to developing certain complexes in the ladies . The unwanted facial hair may become an embarrassing beauty concern for most women, particularly when they age and their estrogen levels also change due to their menopause. Usually it occurs due to the polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS , however, the use of hormonal medications or the adrenal gland disorders may also cause the growth of unwanted facial hair.

It has been observed that the ladies with darker hair are more likely to be hairier than the ones who have a lighter pigmentation or the blonde hair. Getting rid of these unwanted hair on face thus becomes a major concern for the ladies who try and adopt all kinds of treatments to enjoy a smooth skin. However, using home remedies for this purpose is a better option as it has no side effects on the skin. Therefore, mentioned below are few suggestions for those who want to enjoy a clear and glowing facial skin.

  • Using the homemade sugar wax: It is a super easy and the most effective home remedy that can help to get rid of the unwanted facial hair


  • The chickpea flour: Using the flour face pack of the chickpea will help to remove dead skin and hair. Plus, this will also lighten your skin as well as the facial hair color. The chickpea flour is commonly available as the gram flour or besan in the Indian market.


  • Green Gram Flour and Rose Water: Just like chickpea flour, the green gram flour also helps in the natural hair removal. The combination of green gram flour mixed with rose water works as a natural cleanser for the sensitive and acne affected skin.


  • Spearmint Tea: The excess hair growth is mostly attributed to the excessive production of a hormone -androgen in the body. The use of Spearmint tea can help to regulate hormone levels.


  • Lemon Juice and Honey: Sticky in nature, the use of lemon juice and honey mask helps to remove fine hair from your face. Lemon juice works as a cleansing agent and the honey helps to soften hair owing to its hydrating and moisturizing properties. In addition, being an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, this mixture will also help to avoid skin irritation and breakout. Due to its bleaching quality, the lemon juice also helps to lighten your facial skin and hair.


  • Lentils and Potatoes: When Potatoes are combined with yellow lentils, the combination will help to effectively remove the unwanted hair. Since Potatoes have a natural bleach property in them , so the combination of these two items will make the overall hair color lighter. However, it is an Ayurvedic process to get rid of the hair from the face and the other parts of the body so it may take more time than any other technique.

Do try all the above techniques to achieve a hair free and glowing smooth skin.