What To Do On Your Honeymoon In an Arranged Marriage?

The honeymoon is a big deal when you have had an arranged marriage. When you have had a love marriage, you already know each other very well and have spent a lot of time with each other before marrying. You may also have been on vacations already. But those who have had an arranged marriage really don’t get much of time to spend with each other and they still have so much to explore about each other.

What To Do On Your Honeymoon In Arranged Marriage?

Why do you exactly need to go on a honeymoon to get to know each other? Well, people in arranged marriages have known each other for a short span of time and as and how marriage approaches a couple hardly gets time. Then after they marry, they get caught up in the new life, trying to adjust and overcoming the post-marriage drama, duties, and traditions. So that’s why honeymoon in an arranged marriage is the best way to get closer to each other and bond with each other.

Honeymoon in arranged marriages are kind of icebreakers for the couple. For a couple who have never been together for a long time, it is a great way to explore unfamiliar territories. It is a holiday that is much needed after all the marriage and other ceremonies that have been sprung on you.


Time To Celebrate Togetherness

You may have been so caught up in the marriage and other things that you may have hardly spent time together. This is your chance to finally spend some alone time with each other. The memories you make here will last a lifetime. The honeymoon is always thought to connect physically you with your partner, but it is about connecting both mentally and physically.

A Proper Location

The honeymoon is not just about spending time together anywhere, it is also about a serene and suitable place to spend time with each other. But what would be the most suitable thing to do is to choose a place that offers the activities that interest the both of you.

Put Your Phones Aside

When you are on a honeymoon, make it a point to put your phones away. It is a time for you to actually spend time together. You don’t really need to keep anyone updated including your family members. It is okay to call once a day but you don’t have to give a whole update of your day. Treat it as a digital detox and put the gadgets away. Carry a camera to click pictures.

Take It Easy And Relax

Honeymoons are about relaxing and rejuvenating. In arranged marriages, a couple may not know each other so well and this is a perfect time to know each other. Don’t plan the vacay in such a way that you just move from one place to another with days full packed with activities. Don’t plan a packed itinerary.

Spend At Least A Day In The Bed

Sometimes, doing nothing is the best thing ever. Having no plan and just spending the time with each other, sharing secrets and whispering sweet nothings might just be what you need. Spend the day being lazy and cozying up with each other and having lunch or brunch in the bed.

Go On Dates

What To Do On Your Honeymoon In Arranged Marriage?

Even though you may have had an arranged marriage, you may have gone on dates with each other. But it may not have been as romantic as it may prove to be now. Plan a date and take your better half to a fancy restaurant and enjoy each other’s presence.

Experience New Things

Although it would be good to spend your day in the room, you should still explore the place you choose for a honeymoon. Do something which you have never done before and make the trip a memorable one.

Enjoy The Intimacy

It is your chance to take things further in your relationship as well. You may or may not go all the way with sex. It is really not important. The honeymoon is not all about sex so don’t go with that expectation. Just go with the flow.

Woo Your Spouse On your Honeymoon By Doing These Things

  • You have had an arranged marriage and there might be a possibility that you guys may not have proposed even once. Make your husband or your wife happy by getting down on your knees and proposing them.
  • Make sure you compliment each other. Compliments have a way to warm people’s heart and when you do compliment your better half it will make them feel special.
  • Show interest in the activities that they are interested in, even though you may not like it that much. You may not like sports but watch it with them or ask them to teach you, this way you can bond with each other.

What Do Couples In Arranged Marriage Do On Their Wedding Night?

Unlike what everyone thinks, not every couple does ‘it’ on their wedding night. People always think that a couple can’t keep their hands off of each other on their wedding night, which is not so true.

In fact, it has been found that almost 50% of married people don’t have sex on their first nights.

It is obvious that after marriage the couple would be dead tired to do anything. In some cases, the groom might be too drunk to do anything.

In reality, the couple in an arranged marriage may also have sex after their engagement and decide to not wait for their wedding night. It depends on the couple.

Arranged Marriage First Night Tips

What To Do On Your Honeymoon In Arranged Marriage?

  • You don’t really need to consummate your marriage if you are not ready for it, so take it slow and easy. Talk it out with your husband.
  • You don’t have to worry about being perfect, just be yourself. Relax and be comfortable with your partner.
  • Don’t talk about past. Past is past and although you would want to share everything with your partner, this is a new beginning so don’t bring up the past. If you need to share your past do it before marriage or after the first night but not on the first
  • Don’t go on talking about your fantasies if you or your partner is not ready for that kind of intimacy. It might make your partner more anxious about their performance.
  • Don’t talk about finances on your wedding night. Honestly, all of these matters are going to be there lifelong, your wedding night comes only once. Focus on spending quality time together.
  • If you want to go all way through with sex then definitely go for it. But don’t experiment, go for basic lovemaking and satisfying each other.
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