Horoscope predictions for the month of February 2018!


What’s February 2018 going to be like for you? Anxious aren’t we, to know?

Let’s see what it is going to be like for each of the signs in the zodiac:



Zodiac sign Aries can afford to take risks following the path they choose to take. But hard work in ample is required for professional betterment and with professional betterment will also come a raise in financial prosperity – all this only with an ample amount of hard work put into what Aries chooses to do this February.

Your relationship with your family could hit a rough patch this month but shall pass in time. Sun and Mercury will be on your side this month promising you an awesome social life. Also, health will be perfect.



You will be able to function well with demanding jobs in your profession, Taurus, now that the planets are positioned well for February 2018. Also, under the influence of Venus your love life and your relationship with your family will be on the blooming side, helping you get on well with financial matters.

You like Aries too will have an active social life and your health too shows to be on the brighter side. So there are not too many reasons for you to worry, Taurus!



Even though your career prospects are being pushed by the Sun, other planets won’t really be in your favour this month, so that starting up with something new or improving on current prospects could be a bit difficult. However your finances will be backed by the Moon, so there is no need to worry much about financial security.

Your love life, Gemini, will require effort to be put on both you and your partner’s side to maintain equilibrium and peace. Health will go through a ride this February 2018, which shall improve towards the end of the month, post the 19th of February 2018 with adequate rest.



Okay so Cancer, February 2018 will be all about your career and success with external matters unrelated to intimate matters of the heart. However your financial position is at risk this February and you need to be extra careful with finance.

Just like I mentioned, matters of the heart will suffer a rough patch indeed but hold on until the end of the month, after which things will be better. Nevertheless, Cancer, if you are still single you will have the fortune to be able to attract romantic interests but those already in relationships are likely to face turmoil. Your health will be perfect.



Zodiac Leo is in luck this February, for you’re going to have the time of your life with respect to love in this very month of love, Leo. With days like Valentine’s day, Rose day and all the other days dedicated to love, (of course by the Greeting Cards companies, but who cares?) All that matters is loads and loads of compliments are going to be shot your way with a couple of gifts too.

You know what the best thing about this month is Leo? Your emotional situation will strengthen your aspects with regard to your career. However with so much of love making, love taking, the excitement of a happening love life and a happening professional life will take its toll on your health. But don’t worry. Your health will improve post the 19th of February 2018 just as well as Gemini’s will. Also Leo, you’re going to be returning the wonderful gifts you’re likely to get this February being the attention loving starlet that you are among the other zodiacs, so that’s going to take a toll on financial matters too until the 16th of February 2018.



This February, Virgo, retrograde planets are going to prove a menace in hindering your aura. However your creativity can work itself out into bright career opportunities. There are going to be fresh opportunities in the professional field if you make the best use of your creative side this month.

Love life isn’t too bright for you this February, because given the perfectionist’s attitude that you have, you might have a hard time finding a mate, Virgo. Your health doesn’t look too favourable this month.



Zodiac sign Libra won’t see bright opportunities in the professional field in the month of February 2018. Your career won’t be on the low but it won’t be on the rise either. But financial security will be maintained under the influence of the well-wishes of loved ones and family.

P.S: Libra has never really had a hard time loving. J

I’d suggest working out and including a healthy balanced diet in your routine, Libra to remain healthy this month.



Zodiac sign Scorpio shall not be excluded from being spared the fun that Libra and Leo will have with respect to their love lives. Under the influence of Venus, Uranus and Neptune, Scorpio is sure to have a gala ride this February. Enjoy your ride Scorpio and let us know what it was like in the section below this article provided for comments from you.

Your career too will be developing but finances need to be taken care of post the 19th of February 2018. You won’t be getting ample amount of rest required to improve health conditions this month.



For the month of February this year, Sagittarius your main focus will be your family and psychological matters, involuntarily. Love life this February will take a back seat. Career too won’t be anywhere in the focus and move to the background. However financial security can be taken care of with help from social contact and influence.

Don’t worry Sagittarius, for love won’t be disappointing post the 16th of February 2018. It will improve and be on the rise post the 16th. Health should be maintained by giving yourself breaks in-between your energetic life routines by conserving some energy through rest.



For zodiac sign Capricorn, not only will financial security maintain itself but there shall be financial prosperity this month for you. Your career is going to see a bright side this month and will reach to greater levels of affluence with the help and support of your family.

Love life even though will not be too exciting, the ones who are single will easily be able to hook up and find partners for themselves to spend the month love with.

The best part about this month is you’re going to enjoy what earns you good revenue. So make the most of February 2018, Capricorn and bask in the glory of well deserved success, given the amazing hard working individuals that you are.


Aquarius your family environment can be a bit messy this month but don’t let it affect you too much, because it shall pass.

You’re going to have fun alright? It’s your birth month after all. Mercury and the Sun has it all figured out for you. You are going to be charming and sensational this month.

Apart from being charming, you’ll see prospects in career provided you let yourself be driven by ambition and strive to work hard. Even though financial matters will be under control (thank your spouse), sitting idle won’t fetch you success in the professional arena. Prospects are high. Make the most of them, Aquarius.

Health will be mediocre.


Zodiac sign Pisces will benefit in the professional scene under the influence of favourable planetary assistance and finance will see flying colours if Pisces engages in charitable and selfless activities.

Those who are committed might not get too much time to spend with their loved ones this February, because they are likely to be busy with professional functions. You will be on the pink of health this February, Pisces.

Wish you spend a productive and happy month ahead!