Horoscope Predictions for the month of June 2017!

Want to know what this month is going to be like for you, according to your star sign? Read on!

Horoscope Predictions for the month of June 2017!


You are willing to reach your long term goals and strive towards achieving them. Your Mars gets located in Cancer so that you’ll get ever busy with doings related to work and will barely get time to yourself.

Towards the beginning of the second week your Moon will traverse through your sign and will provide for a better approach at handling work related activities. Venus will be moving through your own sign and hence shall help you acquire monetary achievements. Your Sun shifts from Gemini to Cancer and Mercury follows the Sun and all these planets moving in directions opposite to yours will require to you put extra effort to reach your goal. Towards the end of the month you will be looking to change your work methods to achieve distinction. You need to plan your finances well and save up for emergencies also paying extra attention to your health because you will be prone to fall sick easily during this month.


There are bound to be several obstacles in your way this month as a consequence of intense planetary movements and shifts but your objective is to traverse all obstacles and reach successfully to the finishing line.

Your Mars will be shifting to Cancer initially, which may follow a rise in personal expenditure and working individuals might have to work harder being willing to take extra pressure in the work sphere to stay on the run. After which your Venus takes a shift to Taurus while Mercury travels to Gemini which will help you come up with witty ways to secure your financial position and your Jupiter will be in direct motion around the 11th house which too is in fact good news for you. However Saturn will be responsible for bringing about misunderstandings and fractures in long term relationships so that you need to be extra empathetic and sensitive towards your close ones’ feelings. You will then come under the influence of Venus on Taurus will guide your sensibilities towards aesthetics leading you to want to pay attention to redecorating the interiors of your private space. Your Mercury will later shift to Cancer and your Sun will shift to the 6th house from your sign, so that even though you’ll be enthusiastic about transcending obstacles and reaching your goal but your sun and moon exchanging positions will bring about disturbance and commotion in day to day activities.


You will be focussed on your progress towards your goal, even though initially you may be dissatisfied with your life because things won’t go according to your desires. Your Sun and Saturn will be in opposition so you will face challenging times, however your Mars moving to Cancer and venus shifting to Taurus will help you relax and you might enjoy reuniting with old friends. Your Jupiter will be in direct motion so that you will be able to perform efficiently. Sun positions itself in Cancer where Mars is already positioned. Mercury leaves Gemini and shifts to Cancer as well. The unity of Mercury and the Sun will help you come up with appropriate ideas to manage your finances.

Even though the planetary shifts are in your favour, you need to put the required effort into managing your finances and visualize your larger goals to work towards achieving them. A New Moon budding in Cancer, towards the end of the month is a good sign which should trigger your motivation and keep you on the run and be especially beneficial for the month ahead.


You will be crowded with opportunities this month but you need to have the patience and insight to choose wisely. Mercury will position itself in Gemini and you can expect favorable times including an increased success rate in the work front and prospects for short term travel. Your Venus will move to Taurus and will fall into the second house which will work in favour of financial gains. Your moon will be in Capricorn towards the 3rd week of in the month, which will contribute to a practical approach towards work.

Your Saturn on Sagittarius will help you recognize the quirks of nature. Another good news is that the Moon being in your sign towards the beginning of the 3rd week will help you overcome socilal obstacles and reach your goals. There is a probablity of the birth of a new relationship, having the potential to become long term. Form and follow a routine with regards to work and plan your expenditure according to your priorities.


The movement of Mars will contribute to an exhausting and a long working schedule but nevertheless you will be able to maintain amiability with your colleagues. The position of your Mercury will provide you with ideas to plan your finances well. Saturn positioned in the 8th house from your sign though will be responsible for bringing about feelings of discontentment. Sun, Mercury and Mars take their positions in Cancer, the combination of which will guide you into proper financial planning, preventing you from taking any sort of risks. This is a good time to invest money!


You need to control your spending habits and try not to indulge too much in luxuries. Also avoid spending just to elevate your position and respect in society. It is human psychology to portray more than what they usually possess when they feel that they aren’t well recognized.

However in the following days your Jupiter positioned in the 5th house when connects with Moon, promises monetary gains but this phase will not last long because Mars soon enters Cancer, its debilitating sign and then the emerging Venus will drive you into spending on luxuries. Saturn’s position in the 7th house will trigger hard times, and hamper your personal life, nevertheless businessmen are likely to prosper. Mars and the Sun moving through the second house will lead to an increase in familial expenditure. Personal relationships and money is to be handled tactfully.



You will be extremely focused and persevere towards achieving success, which will be as a result of your Mars shifting to your own sign. Venus will be in Taurus, its own sign which will allow for respite from work and will grant you time to spend at leisure with family and loved ones.

Your stars this month will be in a flattering position so that you shall be well equipped at handling your finances wisely. Jupiter will work in your favour as well, clearing all kinds of obstacles.

Towards the third week, Sun will position itself in your sign Cancer and Mercury will follow, which shall in fact prove beneficial for you but nevertheless you must remain level headed and tactful with your decisions. Control your temper and have a humble approach towards your achievements.


Curtail your expenses this month in order to secure your finances. Also pay attention to domestic issues. Venus and Mercury will prove profitable for you, contributing to gains in business. The rate of progress may however slow down towards the second week of June. Influence over Mars over Moon may cause you to feel anxious and stressed but try and take up strategic methods to deal with your problems in order to overcome them and attain your goals.

You must not react negatively and contain a temperamental attitude towards people and situations in general. You might get acquainted with a person towards the end of the month who may prove to be inspirational and influential, helping you cope up with your issues better. Sun will change its position and no more be in opposition with Saturn, contributing to relief from pressure to an extent. You must however be extra careful with your finances during the last ten days of the month, during which the chances of risk are higher than usual.


You will realise the importance and value of money and hence will pursue it. You need to be very careful about the people you hang around with, also keep away from unproductive people. Focus on your pursuit and strive towards it instead of wasting time on idle people.

Your Mercury is in Gemini which should provide with an intellectual practicality, guiding you with the making of professional decisions in business. Your Venus on entering Taurus will call forth happier times.

You must remain extremely patient with matters leading to success. Towards the middle of the month Sun and Mercury will drift to Cancer which will prove professionally beneficial. Towards the end of the month Moon will connect with Saturn might cause confusion regarding decision making, so you must be extremely level headed and wait for the right opportunity to take the big step. Don’t muddle everything up, striving for perfection. Understand and acknowledge your limitations.


You too will be occupied with work because Mars enters Cancer and you will look to hasten your rate of performance at work fronts. Venus will move to Taurus, preventing you from moving too far from your comfort zone, so that you keep from taking many risks. Jupiter will be direct in motion so that day to day pressure will minimize to an extent. You are not likely to face t many hurdles obstructing your pursuits, however it might be a bit difficult for freshers to get employment. Mid month, Moon and Mars will replace each other, which will lead to a hectic situation at work. However the last week will prove lucky in the work front. Be willing to take on a bit of pressure to achieve wholesome results, but remember to take care of your health and maintain a cordial relationship with your loved ones.


In the month of June you will be looking for improvement at every front of life. Ruler of your sign Mars enters Cancer towards the beginning of the month. The influence of venus on your sign will help calm you down. You must outline a specific strategy which you must follow in order to get your work done. Towards the end of the month, Saturn in the second house in opposition to Sun and Mercury will not prove fortunate with regards to money matters. Moon in Aries exchanges its position with Mars so that the period between the 18th and 22nd of June might not fair well for you. Nevertheless by the end of the month as Sun and Mercury shift to Cancer, ill fortunes will drop. Manage your finances well to achieve big and involve yourself in creative pursuits.


You will have trouble handling issues dealing with your personal life in the beginning of the month and this could hamper your progress. So it is important that you remain calm and composed. In mid month, Venus moves to Taurus and Mercury moves into Gemini, where Venus will help release stress relating to work and Mercury will ease relationship issues. You will realise the importance of maintaining a positive attitude in order to fair well professionally as well as personally. Later in the month, Sun and Mercury shift to Cancer where Mars is already posited. This will help you feel comfortable with your position. Jupiter will be in a suitable position which will help you move ahead smoothly but make sure to pay attention to your health.

All the best! Have a mirthful month ahead!