MP Hospital busted for selling babies in Rs.1 lakh

Hospital busted for selling babies in Rs.1 lakh

A hospital in Madhya Pradesh, local Palash Hospital in Gwalior, had been broken into and raided. It was found out that they were running a ‘baby farm’, that is, they were selling and interchanging babies for as less as One Lakh Rupees.
After investigation, it has been reported that these babies that were being sold, were the infants of victims of rape and illegitimate children of unlawful relationships.

An officer in charge, who was probing into the case, said that the doctors at this hospital would persuade and talk his female clients into giving birth to her child whenever they would come in for abortion.
He would promise them ‘safe and secret delivery’. After the delivery of the baby, when the mother would get released, the hospital staff members and authorities would start looking for innocent couples to purchase the newborn.

Prateek Kumar- ASP crime branch – reported to the Times of India that three other infants have been sold to couples with no children in Chhattisgarh and UP.

Five have been arrested as of now, which is inclusive of T.K. Gupta – the hospital director, manager and the childless couples who had purchased the babies from the hospital under sections 370, 371 and 373, which state:

  • Buying or disposing of any person as slave
  • Habitual dealing in slaves, and
  • Buying minor for the purpose of prostitution, respectively.

Hospital busted for selling babies in Rs.1 lakh

The ASP also informed that in the process of interrogation and investigation, the whereabouts of two infants was still not known.

This hospital had worked with agencies who would bring them pregnant women who do not want to have their child. Instances of couples coming in and exchanging their baby boy for a girl, or vice versa, has been noticed and reported too by the police.

It’s heartbreaking to witness such crimes take place on a daily basis. Do human beings have no feelings of their own? Do these people have no heart?

These are little babies that we are talking about! They have just arrived to this planet, and the first thing you do is, turn them over to a couple of strangers at a price as low as One Lakh Rupees who might or might not even take care of them.

It aches to know that so much cruelty and uncouthness still exists.



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