Hot shower or cold? Which is more beneficial?

Hot shower or cold? Which is more beneficial?

Feeling guilty for taking long showers? But cannot stop because you enjoy them a lot. Here are some benefits of showers that will become your guilt free passes.Both Hot and Cold showers that you take will add to your beauty and health secretly.


Blonde or black, straight or curled we love our hair.The hot showers we take opens up the pores in the scalp and removes the dirt.This cleansing process rejuvenates the hair follicle and results in fuller and long hair.And the cold showers closes the cuticles and the pores of the hair shaft and makes the hair strong,shiny,healthy and nourished.It also reduces hair fall.



We love the clean and clear skin and do not want it to age.Taking hot or cold showers helps us with this too.Hot showers open the pores and cleanse them providing no space for pimples and acne.It also prevents premature aging of the skin. Hot showers tend to remove the necessary natural oils secreted by the skin.Cold showers act like temporary toners which close the open pores and prevent the collection of dirt.


Depression is a terrible and a horrifying state of mind which many of us may suffer for a short duration due to varies reasons.Don’t let depression take over you, jump in for a hot or cold shower.The showers will make the chemicals fight the depression for you and bring you back to normal.


Hot shower or cold? Which is more beneficial?

Who doesn’t want to lose some pounds? Cold showers help you burn some calories and lose the white fats from the body.The calories are burnt in the process of keeping the body warm against the cold water.Further decrease in the water temperature causes shivering which triggers the production of brown fat (good fat),increasing the metabolism.So enjoy the shower with the joy of losing weight.


Cold water showers can be a scary task but they surely are beneficial.It gives a shock to the body which makes a person alert.The deep breaths during the cold showers result in the extra intake of oxygen which increases the metabolism of the body.


Stressed? Can’t think of anything?Get ready to take a shower.Both hot and cold showers are great stress relievers.Hot showers help the body release a happy hormone -Oxytocin which reliefs the stress and also helps calm anxiety.Cold showers also help in the reduction of stress and boost the mood.


Hot shower or cold? Which is more beneficial?

Showers help in building a stronger Immunity system against varies diseases.The cold showers expose the low-level toxins which can improve your health.Hot showers play a major role in killing harmful bacteria.


Not able to sleep? Too stressed about something? Just go take a shower, hot or cold for 15-20 minutes.Showers act like sleeping pills and you will fall asleep the second your head hits the pillow. HOT SHOWERS HEALING POWERS We, the women, have different PMS issues and one among them is menstrual cramps.Taking a hot shower helps in diminish the pain.It also helps in rapid healing of wounds and fights migraines.


Cold showers help in decreasing the body temperature and enhance the functioning of the lymphatic  system which removes the waste from the cells.It also balances the blood pressure and brings it back to normal.Showers also improve the circulatory system by enhancing the blood flow to different organs. Showers don’t only clean your body but your mind too.

For a peaceful shower -turn off the lights, light some aroma candles and play some soft music,similar to the bathe that Monica arranges for Chandler to which he gets addicted. Take my word for it,it will be the most peaceful shower you had ever taken. Now go enjoy your shower along with its benefits and get hydrated guilt free.

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