How a Healthy Sex Life can Improve Your Mental health 

Sex is something that, while we don’t need it in some cases, it can vastly improve your mental health and your relationship with your partner.  Here, we’ll discuss how a healthy sex life can help you mentally, and how it does impact you significantly. 

  • Help with Your Sex Life 


You may notice that sex does indeed improve your mental health, but what if you have a rough sex life already? What if your partner and you are both struggling? Well, therapy can help with that. If you have anxiety about sex, or have problems expressing affection during sex, you can talk to a trained therapist at Regain to help you sort through those problems. 


  • Can be A good Workout 


Sex is a great workout, and having a healthy sex life with your partner can help burn some serious calories.  For example, one round can burn at least a couple hundred calories if both of you are really working at it. On average, it can burn about 100 calories an hour, potentially more too.  After all, you’re putting in the effort, and with the release of all of the hormones, including endorphins, you’re going to feel good, and also be happier with yourself too. 


  • Can be a Confidence Booster 


Let’s say you’re having a rough day. Maybe your partner and you have an intimate conversation, and both of you express this through sex. It can make you feel great. While it shouldn’t mean that you’re only good for sex, sometimes being told that you’re hot, and your partner loving on your body can make you feel super good. It does help. 


  • Can Make You Happier 


Sex secretes a lot of hormones, not just the sex-related ones. Dopamine, serotonin, and other hormones tend to take part in this when you’re engaging in this action. So yes, sex can make you a lot happier when you’re done. Plus, couples that spend time together doing this on a mutual level tend to be happier and have a closer relationship. Researchers were asking couples how much they had sex, and whether or not they were happier.  Couples who were involved in sex did feel happier more, and it is a natural instinct of many couples. While yes, it’s not the end-all to happiness (as it shouldn’t be) it can make you feel good, and plus, that’s an intimate action that both you and your partner share. 

Sex can give you that spark of happiness, that rush of dopamine and serotonin, but remember that it is a temporary happiness, and if you are feeling extremely depressed, get some help. 


  • It Builds the Gene Pool 


If you are planning on having kids, that shared goal with your partner can build happiness. After all, many people want to have children with their partner, and they want to have kids with the person they love. 

If you’re thinking about children, or are having a child and want more information on how to balance the new addition, and your personal life with your partner, you can visit a family oriented site like FamilyHype or here too for more information on this. 


  • Conclusion


Sex is not the only thing a relationship should have. that’s never the only thing. But, sex and a healthy sexual relationship with your partner, where you both mutually want it, can be super beneficial and healthy for both of you.  It can make your relationship better, and this intimate act builds trust and happiness between both of you, and it can help deepen the bond between both of you on many different levels as well.