How Can Brides Plan the “Big Day” During a Pandemic?

At this point in time last year, virtually no one would recognize the world as it is now. Face masks and hand sanitizers are omnipresent, along with mandated social distancing. Individuals who once freely enjoyed social gatherings have found themselves suddenly displaced into various stages of self-quarantine. Consequently, many of life’s most commemorative gatherings have been affected, particularly weddings. New York, which has been particularly hard-hit by COVID-19, does have a bright spot amongst the uncertainty: the ability to purchase New York wedding dresses online.

Weddings in a Post-Pandemic World

An inherently celebratory, joyful event, weddings have been one of the most gravely affected social gatherings. Unlike a planned holiday, a wedding date is typically set well in advance, along with innumerable arrangements, from the reservation of the venue to the complexity of the floral arrangements. Given the level of detail often involved, planning for a wedding alone can be stressful.

However, adapting wedding plans to align with a sudden pandemic provides an additional layer of complexity. Venues close, small businesses cease operations, and flights are delayed or altogether canceled indefinitely. While destination weddings are hit particularly hard, weddings within your home country face severe challenges, which can range from abruptly adjusted plans to entire cancellations, depending on the degree to which your wedding is impacted.

Wedding Dress Shopping in a Post-Pandemic World

Fortunately, with the advent of e-commerce, brides who have their weddings “on hold” can still enjoy planning for them remotely. Today, due to the digital landscape that increasingly defines modern life, they have more avenues of exploration relative to brides in earlier generations. While many retail stores may suddenly close or remain closed, e-commerce allows you to explore the wedding dress of your dreams from the comfort of your home.

Retail is especially dependent on e-commerce during uncertain times, and merchants have invested accordingly in mobile-friendly websites to facilitate a fulfilling shopping experience for a diverse array of end-users. Fortunately, these merchants include wedding dress vendors, which means a plethora of options exist to fulfill all your wedding needs.

When shopping for your wedding dress online, you have many options available to facilitate a seamless shopping experience. For instance, a well-organized website will ensure excellent navigation and functionality, including a basic search engine on the home landing page. Thus, if you have already settled on a designer, you can simply input the name into a basic search engine and peruse what is available.

On the other hand, if you are open to other options, including different designers and silhouettes, then you can also browse various options through the menu bar. For instance, you can learn more about the latest trends in wedding dresses, including some of the most up-and-coming trends of the 2020 Wedding Season. For the cost-conscious, a sale menu bar is also available on the home page, illustrating perfect price competition among brides. The options and corresponding combinations are seemingly endless, which also increases the odds of finding “the one.”

Final Considerations

While shopping online for wedding dresses offers convenience and cost savings, the experiential aspect of shopping for a dress in a retail store is admittedly difficult to replace. Nevertheless, lemons can almost always turn into lemonade, even during a lockdown. Netflix recently began hosting a party feature that allows users to watch shows together remotely; in a similar manner, you could coordinate with friends and family to “e-shop” together in a socially responsible manner.

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