How Long Does An Average Intercourse Last?

How Long Does An Average Intercourse Last?

Many of us have pondered over how long men can last in bed. It is quite difficult to get clear, straitjacket answers for the same since the society places great responsibilities in terms of the duration a man is supposed to perform. Quite clearly we are bound to receive subjective answers since people do not mechanically keep track of the time. In a study conducted on over 500 couples, the following facts have been found:


  • It was estimated that there were huge variations between the shortest and the longest duration in ejaculation ranging from 33 seconds to 44 minutes respectively. The average incurred was 5.4 minutes.


  • Also, an important finding that resulted from this study (as against conventional thinking) was the fact that condoms and circumcision of male penis have no effect on the time in which ejaculation.


  • People from Turkey have a shorter duration of sex than the western counterparts like Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom and the United States.


Now, does all that really matter?

What matters is having fun and enjoying the moment with your partner to the fullest.



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