How to appear approachable to men?


It’s quite frustrating when men appear least interested in you even though you have a good sense of humour, look smart, independent, witty, and pretty.

You might even succeed in having men stare at you, but nonetheless, you aren’t easily approached by them. Ok, we all might come across men who look hot, steamy, are smart, soft spoken or may be arrogant; but you must understand they are as much humane as you are. They too have their own set of insecurities and fears. Also, the world isn’t bereft of men who are confident enough to speak their hearts out to a women but you don’t find them in every nook and corner.

These are a rare species. Not all are playboys waiting to get cosier and then completely ghosting you when they are done. A few of them are also looking for real partners. However, their ego fears being rejected. Not everyone can handle that gracefully. Sometimes, the fault is ours too. Either we might be behaving too rigid or failing in some way to allow room for men to reach us. Try these, you are likelier to attract men by following these tips:

Dress properly.

I have come across worst dressed people having the best of partners. But, I guess, that’s just luck. Humans are judgemental. We are made that way to get attracted to that what pleases the eyes first. No matter how sophisticated your composition might be, if you fail to look physically attractive, you fail to draw male attention. Try appearing less clumsier or least bit organised. Take care of your body. Naturally, everything you wear will look great.

Get this correct, decent guys love class and not crass!

However, this doesn’t mean you bare it all! You might want to get almost semi naked to draw attention, but trust me, that will only put you in the wrong light. Also, looking too hot or great has its shortcomings as well. Most will already assume the fact that you are either engaged (even if you aren’t) or that they might be unworthy of you. This just reduces your chances of attracting a wide range of guys, yes, only the extremely confident ones. You need to balance it out in order to make yourself reachable to all sorts of people.

Don’t appear engrossed all the time.

We have this very bad habit of trying to look busy. Either we pretend or really are. No matter how attractive you are, if you signal having no time to spare for people; you will end up having a lonely life. Also, it is likely that a nice guy will not disturb or interrupt you in case you are engaged in work. So, you lose your chances.

Your eyes are the window to your heart.

Eye contacts can be powerful in terms to communicating words without speaking. In case you are interested in someone, look him directly in the eye. He will understand. However, you might not want to intimidate him. Just stare into his eyes directly for a few seconds. That gaze can do magic!


This can immediately help you influence people. It is a manner of acknowledging or showing your interest in the other person. An unhappy and gloomy face is a compete turn off for people. It only makes people feel sick of looking at you. A simple smile can help you hide all your worries and make you look very friendly, warm and good natured. A positive person will attract everything positive. That’s the key to come across the best of people.






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