How to be a sexy girl

Let’s face it, you want to be sexy. Extremely attractive and sexy. At least you want people to see you that way!

Yes, you continue with your work life, daily routines, going out and eating out, trying your best to seem unbothered how those sexy actresses pull off the same kind of jumper as yours but in a sexier way. But believe it or not at the end of the day you look into the mirror and… let’s just say, any similarity between them and you are well hidden, which is justified to dampen your esteem.

Can I tell you something though? Being sexy, and looking attractive has very less to do with your looks and everything to do with ‘Aura’.

  1. Find your Pierce Bronson Style!

Please, for your body’s sake love your curves and find dresses which show them off. Find the right fitted dresses that say you are proud of those curves. But don’t mix being sexy means showing more skin. You can do a lot better without wearing fewer clothes. My mother always used to repeat a mantra to me while getting ready; it’s okay to be overdressed, but never to be underdressed! Eventually, people will start looking up to you and you’ll get compliments more often. This way you’ll create your own fashion statement with your own kind of style.

  1. Learn how to cook

There is something sexy about women who get up and get their stuff done, instead of lazing out and ordering in every now and then. Yes, you can’t always cook steaks when you’re working late or have deadlines to follow. But trust me this Watergate Salad will taste, and make your body look good too, with the least of your efforts! With age, things start to change. You have to do things your own way and take care of yourself. You won’t have your mum to keep sweets and breadsticks in the fridge always. Motivate yourself to make efforts to satisfy your cravings because you deserve this Chocolate Meringue Pie after a long day at work.

  1. Find your signature smell

Every woman needs her signature smell to remind people of the sexy vibe it gives off. Perfumes are super expensive but trust me, they make you look 10 times sexier. Find your personality types, sweet and innocent like Vanilla scented perfumes or welcoming and floral like Coconut fragrances. When you find the right fragrance to match your vibe, spray it on your pulses. A little from foot to head, especially behind your ears for people to not resist hugging you.

  1. Stop thinking you’re not sexy, and just find your sexy personality

A sexy woman is the one who smiles more often, finds humour in little things and knows how to make herself happy without anyone’s help. It is refreshing to see people be kind-hearted, laughing every now and then and finding positivity in the cruel world we’re living in. This automatically increases your charm in a group of friends and people start to love the positive energy you throw at them. Remember the quote, ‘You are, what you eat’ by Anthelme Brilliant-Savarin? Hence, you should have eating options which makes you look good and healthy such as this Turkey Noodle Soup, which is filled with proteins and the right amount of carbs for your body. Even when you’re hanging out with a group of friends select the most fancy but healthy item on the menu will make others think you take your health seriously and they can learn a thing or two from you.

  1. Speak and Walk Slowly

Your posture, your mannerisms, the way you talk, define what you’re thinking, you’re feeling and the kind of person you are. Someone who talks fast or rushes down, makes other people think they’re nervous, making it hard to keep up with them. If you want people to find you attractive and give importance to what you’re saying, speak slowly and construct the message effectively while speaking to show them you paid attention. Hence you deserve the same. It makes you seem more mature and smarter. Like you know what you’re talking about. Walk tall and direct, own your walk like you know your destination!

Basically, an incredibly sexy person lives inside of you, who is dying to come out. Why not bring that vibe to the surface? That is if you dare!


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