How to be happy


Happiness is a state of mind. It comes from within. A person is happy if he is satisfied with what himself and his life. Alas! None of us is happy.

We are constantly troubled about some damn thing. Sometimes a work left undone, sometimes when we hurt people, sometimes when we think we aren’t capable of doing anything. According to us, it’s the monks and children who are happy and contend with their lives. For us, happiness is taking a week off and travelling to a lucid and a tranquil place. Happiness is shopping, happiness is eating chocolates etc. Of course, all these possessions, deeds and notions makes us glad but lets come to terms with it, that happiness is temporary. What we are seeking is a genuine happiness that makes us feel good about ourselves and confident about our decisions. The question is, how can this joy and contentment be achieved? Lets take a look at the following simple ways that will please you with your life.

  • Take a deep breath 

    When you are caught up in a storm of stress, just take a deep breath. Inhale and exhale. Do it for a few minutes till you feel relaxed, if not good. Think about the situation as a short term event which will fade away quickly. There are many circumstances which builds tension and trepidation but later, when you think about it, it makes you laugh. So consider every bad curve of your life as some kind of a silly joke and let is pass without grieving too much. Stay loose.

  • Be yourself

    In order to please others, we lose our identity. We lose ourselves in the midst of pretending to be someone we aren’t. Be you. Rip away the masquerade you are wearing and show the world what you really are. Don’t Be afraid of what others might think. If you are not the type of a person who likes to make conversations, smile and walk away. It isn’t a compulsion to be like-minded to fit in the society. Remember, you have to be different to stand out in a crowd.

  • Learn to Say ‘No’

    If you don’t have the mood to do something, say ‘NO.’ If you feel uncomfortable in going to certain places and carrying out gruesome work, gently refrain from doing so. Life is too short to please people. Live it your way.

  • Nobody is perfect 

    Yet we all try to be. It’s not a bad thing but we need not strive too hard if it isn’t our cup of tea. Use your skills where you can. Concentrate on the things you CAN do and let go of the ones you cannot. Don’t change yourself for others. Live your own dreams and fulfill your desires.

  • Learn to accept

    If you’ve made mistakes, accept them. If you feel sorry, apologize. Accept your imperfections and flaws. Only then will you be strong enough to move on in life.

  • Declutter 

    Declutter your stuff. Trash the documents and papers which are no longer useful and prioritize the important ones. Keep your things neat and tidy. It will help you think more clearly. Have a clear goal. Declutter your mind too. Let go of your failures and don’t cling to your mistakes, it will only make you feel more depressed. Think about your future, your life goals and build them. Focus on one thing at a time.

  • Slow down

    Don’t make hasty decisions. If you are stuck with something and you can’t get over it, find alternatives to divert your mind. Calm down because haste is waste. Take care of yourself. Enjoy life, don’t just exist. In the end, when you look back in life, you will think about the number of times you’ve laughed, the times you have spent with your family, with yourself and not with the monotonous work.


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