How to be in Long Distance Relationship according on your Zodiac

Everyone expects the best from the partners when they enter a relationship. Spending time together as much as you can come quite naturally when you decide being involved with someone romantically. In the absence of physical presence in a long distance relationship, things can turn sour as misunderstandings build up all too easily in the event of a lack of effort from either of the partners. Though the strain is understandable, it still is workable if you want to. You can actually turn the distance into a blessing when the intimacy and spark can be alive as against a situation where you get to see each other very often. Horoscopes can prove to be a guiding light. A lot of personality traits can be understood better which is when it will be easier for you to assess where your relationship could head towards in case you decide on a Long Distance Relationship.

How to be in Long Distance Relationship according on your Zodiac



You have a great Long distance compatibility with Taureans. You have the ability to fight against all odds and take up challenges like it’s a child’s play. You are so determined and fierce in your approach to challenges that maintaining a long distance relationship will never be a big deal. However, you do have the tendency of looking for ways to fuel your sense of entitlement which can be annoying for your partner who might feel neglected more often. What you can do is soften up a little and put your partner’s needs before yours so that a sense of harmony prevails.




You can do a Long distance relationship with a Capricorn. You crave physical touch in a relationship. Lack of it can be very disturbing for you. You need to feel secure in the relationship and for that to happen your partner should be ready to be a little organised in approach when texting, calling and face timing. In the absence of discipline, you will have a hard time keeping your trust intact.



How to be in Long Distance Relationship according on your Zodiac

You are the most compatible in a long distance relationship with a Leo. You are great at communicating with people which is the most important skill required when in a long distance relationship. In case you are not allowed to talk or your partner rarely makes time for you, it will drive you crazy.  Your sociable nature won’t make you lonely so even you should be prepared to soften up on your busy schedules if you want the relationship to work with your partner.




You can work the best Long Distance Relationship with a Gemini. You have a hard time trusting people. So, anything outside the comfort zone will unsettle you and make you vulnerable which is the last thing you would want to do to yourself. Your soft nature with high emotional needs may make it difficult for your partner in case he/ she is more the practical kind. Your loyalty is unquestionable. So, once reassured and made comfortable and secure, you can sail through a Long distance relationship.




Most compatible with Aries. You want to get the limelight everywhere you are. This can be difficult for a partner who might find a constant struggle to feel important. You need to be more sensitive towards others innate need to feel equally important. Your warm, loyal and responsible character can however feel very reassuring. Use that charm to make your partner feel great and an LDR will be a cake walk.




How to be in Long Distance Relationship according on your Zodiac

You are compatible in LDR with Scorpions. Your sense of loyalty and brutal discipline and need for perfection is flawless. You can at once make your partner feel secure. Once you commit, you can do the LDR with impeccable dedication. If things don’t follow the track that you chalk, LDR can get very stressful if your partner isn’t as organised as you are.





You can do a long distance best with a Virgo. Libras are bad at taking a stand when they have to at trying times. They end up being diplomatic and compromising even when they should assert their needs and wants. While being accommodative and balanced in your approach with people is an asset that very few can pull off, it can be quite taxing on you in the long run. You are extremely dedicated but to make a relationship work, you should care about your happiness or else you end up killing yourself every day. And hence, disappointments are bound to follow soon which will mar the Long Distance Relationship.




You have the best Long Distance Relationship with a Libran. You have a hard time trusting people. Your partner will find it hard to be at your beck and call all the time. You are a passionate lover. So, instead of stinging people just because you feel insecure is unfair and instead, you should divert that passion in loving your partner. Also, be a little transparent with your LDR partner to develop mutual trust. Your partner will always have a hard time convincing you of having your faith intact because you are always alert and you cannot conceal your jealousy when your partner asserts his/ her independence which makes you feel threatened.



How to be in Long Distance Relationship according on your Zodiac

Your most compatible Long distance partner is Pisces. Your idealistic and light hearted approach to love and life can be an easy breather in a long distance relationship. You are jovial and little jolts or setbacks in life don’t really affect you. This is why your ability to look at the bright side of every problem can be a blessing in a long distance relationship for you can afford to not pay heed to issues that might be a great deal for the others in the Zodiac. You are a travel lover so making the effort for smaller trips every now and then to see your partner is quite a relief for your LDR partner. You hate being tied down in a relationship, so if your partner gives you your space and freedom, you might actually find a long distance relationship be the best thing to happen to you.





The Zodiac most compatible with you in a long term relationship is a Cancerean. You being a very traditional kind the Zodiac might find it hard to get out of that comfort zone to accommodate something as unconventional as a Long distance Relationship. While you are disciplined and determined to take on challenges as they come, with a little adjustment you could make the most of out of this kind of a relationship. A long distance being almost too virtual and unreal has the potential to freak you out a little because it almost seems impossible to lead to anything fruitful. Putting yourself in a situation like this is scary for you as the outcome might demotivate you in the long run. The best method to succeed here is to be a little flexible and if self gratification is important, you should be seeking and looking for happiness in the little milestones that you achieve in a relationship like this.




You are most compatible in a long distance relationship with Sagittarians. Aquarius find it difficult to let people see their weakest sides. They are too guarded to appear vulnerable. This very tendency can make it difficult for a partner to survive in a long distance relationship with them. Someone seeking a deeper connection will eventually be frustrated if you want to build walls around you. LDR has its own pitfalls where you do not get to see or be around someone. Your need to enclose yourself in a shell will attract further problems in the relationship. You have a better chance of being misinterpreted as too casual and aloof. Use your communication skills to mitigate issues whenever they crop up and demand your attention. If the relationship doesn’t work out, you will still be able to pull off an everlasting friendship with this person for a very long time.




How to be in Long Distance Relationship according on your Zodiac

Your most compatible Long distance relationship partner is a Libran. You are the most dreamy among all the signs in the Zodiac. You have your own world and you need reality checks almost all the time to connect with the rest on this planet. Your tendency of getting lost and out of touch is a source of pain for someone who is already finding it difficult to adjust in a long distance relationship. You are very compassionate and capable of loving your partner unconditionally. Relationships cannot be dreamy in the real world. Make sure you are a little realistic about how the whole world functions and keep your expectations low in love. If you don’t you will end up getting hurt.