How to be more efficient at work


To learn faster, remember more and perform brilliantly is the most needed thing for on-job people. Though a woman doing a full time job might not get the privileges she deserves especially in developing countries like India but she also never quit to perform her best.

This article is for all those working women desiring to power up their brain and to work with more productivity factor to stand tall among others. Hey men! You can also go for it. I am not biased at all. You will learn how to be more efficient at work


1.    Enlist important tasks and schedule them well:

Once I was of the view that I can remember everything. But, as I joined a full time designation, I realized that even if you can summon up important things but not having them enlisted properly, you might fall in dump.

Having to-do-lists in your computer is a good approach to avoid any untoward situation. However, if you use pen and paper, it would help you to improve your memory skills. The act of writing, as many researches reveal, is directly linked to your cognitive thinking and you can remember things for long. In addition, it will help refining your hand writing.


2.    Get relaxed and prevent eye-strain:

With consistent working particularly on computer, after some time, your eyes come under stress leading to headaches. This means your eye muscles need to relax. To prevent eye-strain, the best possible solution is to leave you work for few seconds and divert your focus on any other object situated few feet away from your seat.

I am not saying to get away from your work for long but just few seconds. I preferably follow this tip just 15 seconds after every half an hour. And, the day I forget to do so, my coffee saves me. Relaxed eyes means relaxed brain and hence productive output.


3.    Cut Down the Distractions:

Studies reveal that multitasking can cost you more time than focusing on single tasking. Your productivity will surely increase if you start doing things one by one.

Distractions could be inside your computer in form of opened tabs not related to your work. So, close all those irrelevant tabs and your brain will love you because you aided it to improve productivity.

If you have talkative person sitting next to you in office, get your earphones and pretend you are listening to music while working and chances are higher he/she won’t disturb you until it’s necessary.


4.    Adjust the ambience and temperature rightly:

Improper lights and unbalanced temperature effects human brain while working. You might be tempted to work in dark because it provides a soothing effect but brighter the room, your brain’s alertness will get increased.

So avoid using yellow or dim lights; turn on the lights and keep the room temperature normal.


5.    Take a treat of mild exercise:

One position sitting for too long will make you feel tires and therefore I would recommend you to change it after some time. You can walk for 5-10 minutes in your office and your blood flow will remain normal and your brain will gain the required oxygen to survive long.

This few minutes mild exercise will boost your energy levels for next one or two hours depending on your physical strength.

A well-hydrated body remains alert and healthy for hours. Get a good sleep too.