How to behave in an interview


Interviewer : Why should we hire you?

Me : Because you’re hiring!

If you step in your ‘future office’ with this kind of ridiculous attitude and this kind of conversation running in your mind, you will undoubtedly be shown the door and tears will tricks down your cheeks because you lost your ‘dream’ job. Well, it will definitely be awful to go back home with all that extravagant formal dressing. Failures are stepping stones towards success but you don’t have to always fail, hoping that success will come to you one day. You have to create opportunities, break boundaries that are keeping you grounded and learn minor techniques that will help you achieve whatever you want. “Always observe the details.” Your job depends on your interview skills and performance. So we’re presenting to you the detailed “do’s and don’t’s” of behaving in an interview.

  • Behave naturally

    A weak handshake, a fake smile, holding your hands together till your knuckles turn white, stammering at every word aren’t the kind of things you normally do. It is perfectly fine to be nervous in your first interview but don’t do something that will make you look dumb.

  • Dress modestly

  • If you go for an interview in your pajamas, would you expect your Interviewer to give you the job? Hell NO! Dress conservatively and formally. Your personal grooming and cleanliness must show you have come prepared for your interview and that you care.
  • Be on time

    If your boss called you at 2:00pm make sure you reach your destination by 1:50pm, at least ten minutes early. This will give you time to calm and refresh yourself. On the other hand, it will reflect your punctuality.

  • Be confident

    Don’t fidget with anything. Sit upright and still. Maintain eye contact and smile. Be formal in your tone and manner.

  • Be positive 

    Don’t dare tell your drawbacks to the interviewer. Focus on the positive and be polite. Do not criticize your previous job or employee.

  • Switch off your cell phone 

  • Either switch it off or turn it on the silent mode. Constant ringing and vibrations will interrupt the meeting. If you forget to turn your phone on silent, excuse yourself and Switch off your phone immediately.
  • Work on your body language 

    Your body language reflects your thoughts. Your posture gives as much information as your words. Have a positive outlook on the situation and be friendly even if the interviewer is rude to you.

  • Don’t lie

  • Even if you’re desperate to get the job, don’t lie. If you don’t possess ten thousand skills, don’t falsely boast about them. Answer questions truthfully and frankly.