How To Behave With Your Husband In an Arranged Marriage?

When a girl gets married, the first thing that pops into her mind is how to behave with husband when it is an arranged marriage because he is more or less a stranger whom she has just met a few months or days before marriage. A relationship, when it is new takes time for both the guy and girl.

How To Behave With Your Husband In an Arranged Marriage?

Both of you have to adjust and build a relationship with your to-be husband and to-be wife. You may have certain expectations from each other. Whether it is an arranged marriage or a love marriage, it becomes very difficult for a couple to cope with the new family, responsibilities, and routine.

If you have had an arranged marriage it is already obvious that your whole life is going to change. You will meet someone who has been chosen by your parents and of course agreed by you. You may have gone on a few dates during the engagement period, but still, you do not know each other that well. So how are you supposed to behave with your husband when you are together? The best thing to do would be to start your relationship as friends.

Treat Each Other As Friends

I mean yes, you are married and you should be romantically involved with each other, but some of us are not that easy to get along with anyone. You may be among them too, who just don’t fall in love at first sight, are someone who assesses a person before even considering them a friend. You may be confused about how to behave with your husband but don’t be. Start your relationship as friends who are getting to know each other.

Prioritize One Another In Your Lives

It is not easy at all, we know. Some may even question as to why we should try to make one another happy? Why can’t I be the way I’m? Well, it’s right that you don’t need to change your life for someone but would this be the same if you were in a relationship with someone? Wouldn’t you try to make your partner or lover happy?

Think of this as a relationship, although you guys don’t love each other, but you like each other and that’s why you have agreed to marry each other. So why not put in some efforts and try to make life happier?

Find Your Comfort Zone

A relationship proceeds further only when both of you are comfortable with each other. For both you to open up to each other, you should find your comfort zone in each other, understand each other well.

Begin Your Relationship With Lower Expectations

You may have so many expectations from your to-be husband or husband but we would suggest you keep them for later. When you are just beginning the relationship in an arranged marriage, keep your expectations low key. As it is an arranged marriage, you may not know your partner and that’s why keeping low expectations means more chances of your expectations being met. You’ll be a little less disappointed.

Communicate Your Expectations To Your Husband

Unlike what people think, no one asks you to compromise or sacrifice everything just because you have agreed to an arranged marriage. You can still have expectations from your husband and he may have some from you too. Communicate your expectations to your husband. Don’t demand, just communicate. This may further increase the trust in your relationship or marriage.

Be A Listener

Men are always conditioned to hide their emotions. One thing you should include in your behavior with your husband is to be a good and active listener. Let him upon up to you, listen to him before passing any comment on him. Encourage him to open up more. Be someone whom he would want to come for motivation.

Don’t Criticize His Behavior

It is important for you to understand that if you wouldn’t want to change for anybody, the same way you can’t expect someone else to change for you. Don’t criticize your husband’s behavior or his feelings. No two people are ever same, like ever! He should be able to open up to you without the fear of being judged.

How To Behave With Husband On First Night?

The wedding day may have taken a toll on both of you. The possibilities are that both of you may have already talked about intimacy, sex, and such things. But if you have not then you don’t have to fret it.

There’s no rule that says you have to do it on the first night. However, you can’t help but feel nervous about how to behave with your husband. Just be calm as much as you can, after all, he might be feeling the same. If you want to take things slow, let him know about it respectfully.

Things never go as planned when it is such a big day of your life. So, don’t worry or panic if things didn’t happen the way you wanted to. So, if you are wondering how to behave with the husband on the first night, just be normal, be you!

What Do Men (Husbands) Expect From Their Wives?

No, it is not sex all the time. It is an important point but not the only one. Men want much more from their wives, just like women do from their husbands. Men just don’t tell but they expect the same things from women which women do from men.


How To Behave With Your Husband In an Arranged Marriage?

Something you said about him in front of others stung him and although he may not voice it out to you in words, you may have hurt him. When he lashes out due to anger, it may be due to this reason.

And no, respecting your husband doesn’t mean you should not call him by his name and all other things people believe. It is about the actual respect in your heart for him, doesn’t matter whether you call him by his name or not.

Emotional And Moral Support

A man wants his woman to stand by his side in whatever he does. He wants someone who can celebrate his victories and give him a shoulder in difficult moments.

To Show Care

Yes, even though men are not at all cheesy they would still want their woman to show some care. He adores you and loves to take care of you but you know what he loves more? When you take care of him and when you do the sweet little gestures!

Physical Affection

Men would love it if their wives would show the,some love through physical touch. Men are always up for sex but they would love to cuddle and snuggle too. Men are also insecure by nature so they would love it if you hold hands in public and admire them.

To Be Desired

Our obvious response to sex would be that men want it to fulfill their needs. But it may also be because they want to feel desired by their wives. They want to be wanted.

To Spend Time Together

Even though your husband may not talk so much and may just sit and watch TV in his free time, he would still want you to sit next to him and talk to him or just sit with him. He might want your presence and may even be comfortable with the silence.

There’s no rule as to how you need to behave with your husband in an arranged marriage. It is just like being in a relationship where families are involved. You can go with the flow, put in some efforts, show him you care and he’ll find it in himself to love you with all his heart.