How to bring out the inner strength you possess?


Not every day is a happy day. Certain experiences can break you and make it difficult for you to undertake any productive activity. However, it is important to understand and prioritise things. No matter what, you need to show up at places that depend on you. That is reflective of the strength you mind possesses. Nonetheless, it is easier said than done. However, you need to keep these in mind when things go beyond your control.

Evaluate you past actions:

Your past is the greatest proof of the fact that just like happiness, adversities do not stay for long. In fact, weaker moments are greater tests of the strength you possess. Indulge in self introspection. Think about times when you couldn’t give your best shot or faultered because of an indifferent or careless attitude. Also, how you dealt with it can emerged stronger. If you wish to feel good, you need to constantly allow your brain to reinforce all that has made you fell in the seventh heaven. This might be anything ranging from demonstrating a braver attitude, to excelling in a competitive environment or even managing to shed off extra weight! Celebrate those moments.


In yourself or an imaginary power. Believe that whatever happens, happens for the best. That you have the best in store. Just don’t expect everything to come to you all at once. Your entire journey is preparing you to accept the good that is to come. Constantly keep reminding this to yourself. You have no idea how powerful it feels. Even if things don’t turn out to be as expected, try and be satisfied. At times, that is the best you can do rather than mindlessly complaining.

Your experiences are unique.

Convince yourself that a different course of action could have changed everything for you. You could have been a different person altogether. Stop comparing yourself with others. It is but a waste of energy and time. How far will you go about comparing things with others? You will always find someone much smarter or prettier than you. Also, someone might consider you better than himself/ herself. It will only lead to exhaustion. Concentrate on what you have or can change and how you can develop your prized qualities into your strengths rather than weaknesses.

Focus on strengthening yourself.

This is a quality you can’t do away with. You need to keep working till you achieve all that you wish to. Dump all the excuses and diligently carve your way towards the top. If at all you lack a competitive attitude concentrate on what satisfies you or the achievement of which will satisfy you. Many people will try and manipulate you into being a victim be default. They might bad mouth, criticise and demoralise you when they find you doing great in life. Just ignore what you have to and work on your development.



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