How to Choose a Coffee Machine

Coffee has become a part of the daily routine of many people around the globe. The most popular way of making coffee in Europe and throughout the world is espresso. Espresso differs from other preparation methods by its richness of taste, the ability to achieve completely different aromas, and get a tasty coffee.

Besides, one shouldn’t forget that it has become a foundation of such popular drinks as cappuccino, latte macchiato, ristretto, flat white. It is worth paying attention to Costa Rica coffee brands and worthy coffee makers to get delicious coffee.

The latter is of key importance since a low-quality machine can spoil even the most delicious coffee beans. So, how to choose the best option?

Choose the right type of coffee machine

There are three main types of coffee machines: simple horn-type coffee makers, automatic coffee machines, and professional horn-type coffee makers. The first type is pretty inexpensive and provides you with a normal taste of the drink.

The second type is often chosen by those who constantly rush somewhere and want to press one button to get a cup of coffee. The third type allows you to prepare different coffee types and please yourself with a delicious taste.

If you have a limited budget, it is worth studying a  budget coffee makers buying guide to find a device that will meet your needs and fit in the budget. However, bear in mind that you will not get the drink like in a coffee house when you choose a budget option.

The professional horn-type coffee machine is the standard for making coffee, so if you have some money, and you cannot imagine your morning without a cup of delicious drink, opt for this option. There is an opinion that professional coffee makers are huge machines that are suitable only for cafes and restaurants, but this is not the case.

There are special professional coffee machines for home, and the only difference is their size. Set your priorities correctly and think about what is more important for you – a low price, automatic preparation at the expense of taste quality, or the best coffee? We will focus on the professional and semi-professional coffee makers for the home since the quality of ready-made coffee is of crucial importance.

Pay attention to the materials

Nowadays, many companies sell ordinary coffee makers under the guise of professional devices at the expense of design and beautiful words. So, price shouldn’t be a decisive factor.

How can you know what to buy? The most important thing that distinguishes a home professional coffee maker from an amateur one is the internal and external parts’ materials. The taste of coffee is highly dependent on whether a uniform temperature is maintained throughout the entire coffee preparation process.

This is called thermal stability. That is why the main parts in large professional devices such as a boiler (inside which water is heated) and a holder are made of brass or copper. Even steel cannot fully provide a constant brewing temperature for espresso, let alone aluminum and Silurian, often used in cheap versions.

Thus, when you decide to buy an expensive coffee maker, pay incredible attention to its materials’ quality because a high price doesn’t always mean high quality. With such a coffee maker, you will be able to feel like a real barista and treat yourself to a cup of delicious coffee in the morning.

Pay attention to the country of origin

Even though China also produces quality goods, coffee machines made in this country still raise many questions and distrust among the coffee industry experts. The assembly and the quality of materials are usually of lower quality than they should be.

Worthy professional coffee machines for home are made mainly in the same place where their “elder brothers” from cool coffee houses are assembled, in Italy. There are many brands there: Nuova Simonelli, Faema, La Marzocco, Lelit, and at least 30 other decent brands.

Pay attention to the dimensions

The size of the coffee maker is an important aspect. You choose a coffee machine for yourself, so most of the horn-type coffee machines should be set aside due to their size. Pay attention to the dimensions and the way the water is supplied to the coffee machine.

Thus, you should choose options when water can be poured into a container. By the way, experienced admirers of good coffee advise paying attention to the volume of water in the boiler (water is heated here).

If it is too big, you will have to wait for a long time in the morning, and if it is too small, the temperature will decrease and spoil the taste of the coffee. An ideal option for a home is about 250 to 500 milliliters.

Besides, the dimensions of such coffee machines are usually compact for their class.

Do not be afraid of difficulties

Many people avoid buying horn-type coffee machines (although they dream of great coffee) not because they want to save a pretty penny but because they think it is not easy to learn how to make coffee well.

However, it is not the case. Firstly, it is all about practice and desire, and secondly, now there are many free training videos on YouTube, articles, and so on. It is quite possible to reach a basic barista level in one week.