How to create your own Font?

Sometimes, you just need an absolutely unique font for your cool, original, and also the unique project. Sometimes, your handwriting is so beautiful, amazing and neat that no font can compare to it, and you just wish you could use it in your project instead of having to scroll across hundreds and hundreds of fonts that are mediocre compared to your handwriting and are not as original as something you have created. In this case, you don’t need to worry: it is completely possible to create your own Font with your own handwriting. But how?

Before you become all scared by technical terms and too much effort and run off to find a handwriting fonts download, rest assured that creating your own personalized Font is actually really, really simple: you will need a black pen (the thickest stroke the better, so the computer can read it properly), a scanner, a printer, a computer and Adobe Suite Photoshop. This small list of elements will allow you to turn your beautiful handwriting into a font so you can use it for all sort of projects: headlines, logos, websites, or even for commercial use!

Do not start drawing your beautiful lettering just yet. Before that, we would advise that you practice your writing a bit to make sure it is as beautiful and neat as possible so the computer can read it properly. Download a font creating the template and practice your letters a couple of times before the final design that you are going to upload. Write the alphabet, and the numbers using a black pen (as you are going to be scanning this, it is better if you use a felt tip pen) and once you have the final design, scan it.

After that, we would advise you to “clean” the scan: scanning an image can make it grey and grainy, which will make it more difficult for the computer to read it properly so open up Photoshop and play with the settings. Go to adjustments and then channel mixer to make the image monochrome (black and white) and play with the levels by using ctrl L.

Once your image is clean, proper and visible, with no graininess or grey tones, just head to a site where you can upload it, upload the file and chose a name for your Font. Then chose the format you would like to save it in, it can be either TTF or OTF: TTF means TrueType font, and it can be used for both Apple and Windows. It is a great choice when it comes to fonts if you don’t have a lot of experience downloading, uploading and playing with fonts; ant OTF means OpenType Font, and it is a newer version of TrueType Font. It can also be used for both Apple and Windows, and it allows the creator of fonts much more choice and freedom to enable small caps, alternate characters, numbers, symbols, and so on.

Once that is done, you just have to install your Font. If you are using Apple, open the font book, and then click a file and “add fonts” (or cmd plus O). If you are using a Windows computer, click Start, control panel, appearance, and personalization, then fonts and click a file, and finally “install new font.” Once you have done all that, your Font should have been created, installed, and ready to go! Now you can use your own, beautiful, cool handwriting in your many amazing projects!

However, if once you are done, you find out that using your own handwriting might not have been as much of a good idea as you originally thought, do not worry: you have plenty of choice for fonts. If you still want a font that is similar to that of handwriting or calligraphy, all you have to do is head to, search for “script typeface” (a group of fonts that is modeled after calligraphy), and scroll until you find a font that fits the image you want to five off with your project. If you didn’t choose, we would like to recommend Alex Brush, Felician, Penultimate or Mezabetto. Good luck, have fun, and have fun playing with fonts to create the best project you can!



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