How to deal with rejection ?


You must have slogged really hard to achieve something. This may be your dream job or even a partner. However, things didn’t work in your favour and you confronted rejection. This is not just heartbreaking but can turn many insane. You can either fall trap to depression, anger or utter frustration or you can just take it as a lesson learnt. These following tips will help you to get up and going.

Respect people’s feelings and wishes.

The art of being a great person is to learn how to tolerate. Just like you expect to express your feelings, respect the other person’s opinions too. That is a basic right of everyone to reject what they don’t like. Just because things don’t happen your way, doesn’t mean you attack the person or consider him/her bad. Your recruiter must have found someone who was a suitable match for the company and for that profile. Also, the man you were going after might be sharing a deeper commitment to someone else, or simply, you may not fulfil his criteria. It’s ok. You will find what you deserve, when the time is right.

Do what makes you feel better.

At times, people hold on to their anger for a long. But trust me, that’s just a waste of time and energy. If not today, you will have to let go off the grudge someday. So, why waste any moment even thinking about it? Treat yourself to retail shopping, have your favourite dessert, submerge yourself in a relaxing spa or just write a diary. Do whatever minimizes your unhappiness. In the end, what matters is you and what you already possess not something that you were hankering around and quite possibly were the least deserving of.

Love yourself.

There’s no point sulking. Learn to appreciate your worth first. If you love yourself, you will not cause unnecessary pain to your being. So what if he was the most handsome you came across? The world is huge, lady! You have no idea that there isn’t a dearth of people around. So what if the job would pay you well? May be, you couldn’t handle the stress that would come as part of it? Look into the positive. There will be end number of possibilities.

Look around for inspiration.

So, just a rejection got you infuriated? Think of those millions who are at a worst state than you are. Those who have lost their near and dear ones to a catastrophic event or even the ones that are differently- abled? At least, you have chances to undo things and look for better options. They don’t. Most famous people in the world have been rejected many a times before they could finally taste success. Don’t lose hope. You cannot be every one’s favourite but there are people who love you unconditionally. Seek their support when need be.

Accept this as a drive to make you better.

There’s always enough room for improvement. Take this as a positive challenge. Work on things which you know could have led to the rejection. It may be your appearance which could be neater and more polished or you could groom yourself to communicate well. This is within your reach. However, if things are unclear then let it be. Just move on. Avoid nagging as people will only sympathise with you for a short period of time. Later, it will irritate them.

Anushree Ghosh

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