How to get better if you feel lost in life


We all have moments in our life when we feel lost. We feel incapable of doing anything and desperate at the same time. We feel broken and lonely. At this point of time, some people seek help while others keep it for themselves. We wake up in the morning and feel depressed. It is similar to a hangover feeling when you don’t know where to situate yourself and just want to get back to sleep not to face reality.

In this article we will give you 5 common reasons why you may be feeling lost and solutions to solve this issue and get better.

Find purpose in your daily life

Many times we get involved in activities that do not make us feel happy. We do things only for the sake of doing them. We keep repeating the same tasks but inside ourselves there is no positivity or we have no aim at the end of the day. We can feel restless and dull and think life is tiring. However, we can get rid of this negativity. We should try to see the positive aspects in whatever we are doing. Doing any daily task with our heart and with a purpose will be more gratifying. Take a step back and think about what makes you happy and what you could do to make it happen.

Have good surroundings

Another reason why we can feel discouraged in life is because of our surroundings. We can tend to stay with people who drag us down. You can recognize those people because they do not encourage us, they can be jealous and make you feel bad when you see them. Therefore search the people who share the same goals, the same desires and objectives and that when you see them you spend a good moment.

Live in the present moment

One of the primary aspects for happiness is to live in the present moment. Do not dwell in the past or keep thinking of the future. Concentrate on the present because this is the time to fulfil all your wishes and needs. Present is the only time that exists in reality and the only moment you can have control on. We suggest you to read “The power of now” by Eckhart Tolle. It is a very good book to understand why the present can change your life and make you much less anxious.

Do not be influenced

In life you should live and decide for yourself. Make good use of your brain; never let others decide for you. Others will never live your life, it’s yours! Therefore live it to the fullest. Do not get influenced by others. Because one day you will look back and will have regrets. So, start living and deciding for yourself, you will feel so powerful and happy!

Trust your intuition

Whenever you feel sad or restless trust your intuition and move forward. Do not stay in the same situation. Your intuition is like an inner voice which guide you, helps you to take better decision so listen and follow it.



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