5 Amazing Tips to give Oral pleasure to your man!




You’ve started to like this guy, you’ve slept with him a few times and now you want to take it to another level. You want your relationship to be passionate, him to be crazy about you and always asking for more. Going down on him sounds like a great option.

What will he expect when he realizes you’re about to give him a blow job? What makes it unforgettable ? We explain you how to give oral pleasure to your man.


  • Show him how much you want it

How to give oral pleasure to your man

Many men consider blow jobs as a crucial element of their sex life and they wouldn’t imagine a life without it. What will undoubtedly turn him on is to show him you want it as much as he does. Kiss him on the lips and slowly go down on him, caress him and feel him get hard. Show him that you are confident, that you know what you are doing and that you’re sure he’ll come back for more.


  • An exciting start

At this stage, he’ll have understood what is going to happen to him. He’ll be very pleased and this is a good start. Take off his pants, everything will be easy to access. Softly grab his penis in your hands and use your tongue to slowly lick it from the base to the top. Look at him in the eyes, make him beg for you to really take him in your mouth.


  • Not just in and out

He’s dying for it, you’re starting to be aroused by so much desire coming from him. It’s time for you to give him the blow job he’ll never forget. It’s not all about taking his penis in and out of your mouth, play with it, try to read your man’s signal to learn what he likes, use your tongue, make it wet. Remember : no teeth allowed.


  • Give him a gentle hand

How to give oral pleasure to your man

Combining oral stimulation and hand job techniques will drive him crazy. The easy way is to simply grab his penis and massage it up and down like you would normally do when you give him a hand job. If you feel like adventurous, you can wander about and softly massage their testicles and/or prostate (ask him if he’s ok though) while have him in your mouth.


  • Make it last

You often think of the blow job as the necessary step to have your man aroused before sex. Once in a while, take the opportunity to slow things down and to concentrate on him, and him only. You’ll be rewarded, don’t worry !

Make it last, focus on his signals, understand what he likes, and as he seems closer to coming, slow it down, then start again, until you decide it’s time for him to come. His penis will be very sensitive at this moment, be sure not to apply too much pressure, be soft !


Keep in mind that it is all about listening to him, his desires and trying new things.


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