How to handle negative co-workers?

handle negative co-workers

Not everyone is going to like you and vice versa. But when you have to deal with such people every day it can get pretty burdensome. Everyone needs a sorted environment to work in, at least where things are bearable. Dealing with people is tough since everyone is his/her own master and has the liberty to be as he/she likes. You need to be smart enough to handle undesirable situations. Here are a few tips as to how you can manage negative co- workers with ease.



This is the simplest thing you can resort to in order to influence people. It’s easier to smile back at people you like, but difficult when it’s a person you prefer avoiding. However, that’s a test of a great personal character. It proves how positive, strong and adaptable you are. On the other side, people find it difficult to be mean to someone who is nice to them. You can’t replace a pleasant attitude with any other trait. This is the best weapon to kill negativity around you.

Try giving your temper some rest

It is difficult. But nonetheless, rewarding. You don’t always need to react to everything that people say. Sometimes, your silence can do deeper damage to your enemies than your words. Also, if you get back at people you fail to become the bigger person. Just let it be. This will save you regrets in life when you look back and introspect your actions later.

Take your stand but being diplomatic is indispensable at times

If your co-workers badmouth the boss you work for, try not fitting into the group. This might just make you another negative element in the workplace. In case your boss comes to know, you will be in a can of worms!  As you are working for someone, you need to be assimilative. However, since you also need to survive there, you can’t just pick a fight with them in trying to be defensive of a fact or person. Try being indifferent, specific to the case.


Cut off interaction with them

Negative people have the energy to drown others in the dirty pool with themselves. More than adding anything positive to your personality, they constantly hinder your progress. It is in your interest that you choose to severe your connections. In a competitive world where everyone is trying to move ahead of others at any cost, you never know what situation you might end up in with such people.


Constantly have a conversation with yourself

Remind yourself that you work at a place for a reason, either because it’s your dream job or because you need to earn your daily bread. This is the larger picture that defines a huge part of your life right now. Indulging in trivial issues and negative influence will only deviate you from what should be your priority. If you focus, you will surely let things pass. Tell yourself: I need to concentrate on my work, I have larger things to achieve in life, I will make the most of today, I will not let insignificant things bother me, etc.