How to have a better life ?


All of us have different reasons, different goals and aims to be on this planet. We experience things differently and in the most unexpected ways. Nonetheless, there are a few things all of us can relate too no matter how unique each of us are. Many believe, Happiness doesn’t come from what we choose to do, but rather what we choose to avoid!

Stop expecting

No matter how much we try, we end up expecting things from the people we know. We look at things from our own perspectives and expect things to take their courses like the way we want them to. It is simple ridiculous to expect people to behave or act like the way we want them to. Expectations only lead to conflicts and pain that need to be avoided at all costs. If we can settle ourselves with what we have and be content, peace of mind will only come naturally.

Stop drawing Comparisons

How to have a better life ?

Quite often we compare what we have been blessed with or what we have achieved, with what others have. We tend to get jealous of their money, their status, their physical appearance or their overall success. Doing that is bound to attract disappointment since everyone isn’t equally endowed with the same gifts. You will always find someone who does a better job than you. Instead, try being happy with your own self rather than wasting your time and energy on things that you do not possess.

Stop being in the company of people who reflect negative energy

Often a person’s presence makes you feel quite uncomfortable. These people drain you of all that you possess. Rather than making you feel good about yourself, they will constantly pinpoint your flaws and make you insecure. Instead get yourself into the company of people who bring out the best in you and enrich you with great ideas and beliefs.

Stop being Self Obsessed: Express your gratitude

How to have a better life ?

Loving yourself is good but being obsessed only makes you egoist and doesn’t allow you accept anyone being better than you. This doesn’t let you to share a harmonious relationship with others. You will only keep proving your worth which no one is bound to tolerate all the time. People will only abandon you and you will have an isolated existence. Try being grateful to people for accepting you in their lives and making you what you are, no matter in how small a way.

Stop being anxious about the future

Live in the present. Nothing is truer than that. Value the time you have, the moment you share with people. Your life will definitely have a better life if you concentrate on the best that you can do with all the time you have now.



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