How to have a quick sex session?

 have a quickie

It isn’t quite possible for you to squeeze out enough time to have sex. But things can flare up a little now and then and you would want to make the most of it. Ok, I don’t suggest you always rush things but this is just an assurance of how steamy such moments can be even though you may still remain undone and left asking for more. P.S. This calls for creativity and real passion. *wink* *wink*

How to have quick sex? Here are some quick sex tips for you and just because it is a quickie doesn’t mean it shouldn’t involve planning.


Ok, you have few minutes in hand and you want to get into him real quick. How do you foreplay? The answer to this is sexy texts before you can lay your hands on each other. Yes, this will do half your job. This can be like, “I am in the mood to eat you up, could you help?”, “I smell of you from the morning sex, I am still up for some more”. You could even send a really hot picture or one of the part of your body he admires. Wanting something even hotter? Send him a clip of yourself masturbating. He won’t be able to resist the temptation. Make sure you keep lubricants and condoms within reach.


Be creative with what you wear

How to have a quick sex session

Since you wouldn’t have enough time to explore each other fully, it’s better you think of what could just be right to kill two birds at the same time: First, not get caught; two, satisfy your desire. A skirt or a dress is the best choice since you wouldn’t have enough time to undress and dress yourself again. Quickies mean things are gonna get real fast with little time for you to think. Just actions involved.


Heighten your senses beforehand

You need to feel sexy, only then, you act sexy! Think of those moments that have the power to give you an orgasm instantly. You can try recalling all your fantasies. Maybe, the way he licks you or the cowgirl which excites you the most. Unless you feel things, you will be dry making it difficult for him to penetrate. You can also try touching yourself if that’s possible before you finally have sex. But, stop before you climax. The dissatisfaction will make you perform better even in the act that will last only for a few minutes.


Be sorted about the location

How to have a quick sex session

Just because it will be a quickie doesn’t mean it shouldn’t involve real planning. In fact, you need that even more. This can involve surprises if you suddenly plan on paying him a visit to the bathroom when he his taking his morning shower or if he plans on giving you the best possible treatment in the kitchen.


What you say can help you achieve orgasms fast

Not just moans, talking dirty helps you orgasm faster. You need to be able to give him that rush by talking him into it. This can be just like communicating with him into pleasuring you right where you need. Ask him to enter you from your favourite position. Dig your nails deep into his skin if he enjoys that. You wouldn’t have the time to allow for breaks between each action. So just drive him nuts within a few minutes with a quick rub on his package or a few kisses on his neck. Tell yourself that you are sexy enough to do it. Watch the magic unfold.



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