How to inspire people?


Your actions can make you or mar you. You needn’t do something heroic in order to win over people, nor do you need to be a celebrity or a saint to have followers. All you need to do is, bring out your best elements in all that you do. Most famous personalities were once quite ordinary. What made them special was the legacy they left behind. Good intentions that culminate into deeds, rarely go unnoticed.

You need not expect returns for everything that you do in life.

That’s selflessness. Do good in whatever way you can. This may be anything from feeding the hungry dogs in your neighbourhood to helping a blind cross the road. Be generous in whatever you do. You will surely set an example for people around you. The world would certainly be such a wonderful place to live in if everyone was driven by the mentality of helping each other.

Practise charity in whatever way possible.

You can either pledge to donate a part of your earning to a trust or non- profit organization or personally bear the responsibility of someone you wish to. But monitor where your money is spent since faulty practices could make all your efforts go for waste. There’s no harm in doing for the needy. That’s how the feeling of a community works. If you are continuously giving in to the selfish attitude that most humans are guilty of, the world will be hell- like to live in. Just like the worst, we also have the best of humanity around. This is where hope exists. For a better now, as well as, the future.

Your actions need to speak louder than your words.

A lot of us keep cribbing and sulking over what’s wrong, but do very little to make it right. Only speak what you can do. There’s no point giving hope by blurting out long speeches and doing nothing in return. There’s no point winning prizes for a fantastic book if you keep your thoughts confined to pages and not do anything worthwhile.

You are but humane.

You will never completely lose sight of errors in your work. It is very obvious of you to make mistakes. Only when you make mistakes, you connect with people. You do not want to be worshipped by being flawless, but only to inspire people to strive for the better in life. You will be an inspiration if you achieve success despite stumbling upon failure.

Raise your voice against what’s wrong.

Most of us want to please everyone in life. If that’s the case, you can never stand out to be better than the average lot. People who are different can take charge and stand up for what they believe in, instead of following the crowd mindlessly. If you believe something is against your principles, be vocal about it. Your strength will stand out to be an inspiration for everyone.



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