How to introduce your partner to your family ?


You have been dating this person since quite some time or things might have gotten serious and you now wish to get your families involved. Congratulations for making it this far! If both of you are willing, I guess families can come closer too.


Judge the situation

Make sure it is not too soon. He should actually be interested in taking things far. Most people just come and go after their motives are served. For a few of us, it might be a little embarrassing to face our families if we have been introducing dozens of partners and not a single one stayed. Ensure that you steer clear of such situations and wait for the one who makes you feel right and accepts your flaws.

Do not expect

Stop expecting things from people. Stop expecting the outcome of a situation. Your significant other may not like your family or vice versa. In case you smell something like that happening, make sure you make the meeting brief or cut them off for the time’s sake. You would not wish things to escalate to a sour one.

Understand whom to approach first

Not everyone in your family might be very close to you. Confront the person who you confide in the most. Ask that person to help you set up the ambience in which you want your love to interact with your family.

Keep in mind your partner’s as well as your family’s convenience

You should not arrange things in haste. Ensure that you have ample time to introduce him to everyone. Let them interact. You can pretty well leave them on their own once you see that conversations have reached a comfort level where both the parties do not feel awkward.

Make sure he is briefed about your family members

You certainly want him/her to become everyone’s favourite. Cheat a little! The best way to ensure that is to share with your partner things like family jokes or a few qualities of each of the members. This will certainly help him/her connect to them better if he keeps in mind how to approach different people differently.

Be proactive

Be a great host the day you introduce him to your parents. Ensure everyone is quite comfortable. If things get awkward, get yourself into the situation and mediate. It is you who will bridge the gaps.

Involving families might add to an unwanted pressure. Your families might interfere in your relationship. There might be a situation in which you no longer feel the spark and might have to pull the relationship for the sake of your family. That might prove disastrous. It will only build up negativity and anger. Think and Act!