How to keep myself motivated to lose weight


Losing weight becomes a big problem for most females in their thirties. They start losing the motivation and strength to work out regularly , however , I have a few suggestions to put them back on their toes and to get started again with respect to losing their weight.

  • Don’t think that its hard:

    The key to stay motivated is more like adding fuel in a car so you don’t require your motivation tank to be full in order to drive yourself , in fact, you only need to prevent it from running empty. So, don’t think hard as to how you will manage it but only focus on how you will begin with it.

  • Get feedback from people around you:

    People around you can be a source of your motivation and encouragement . You should not wait till you lose the weight you set for yourself as a benchmark to achieve , instead take out a vacation and visit your old friend, family or acquaintance whom you think can have a positive role in your life.

  • Develop a goal to reach and focus on its benefits for you :

    Usually, we get frustrated when we focus on the specific numbers of the scale .However, a better way to handle it is to focus on a task you need to do in order to reach our goal (such as working out) . This will be a quick way to improve your motivation. Additionally,if you focus on how you feel when you exercise each time and read through the benefits of burning your calories, it will increase your motivation to do more.

  • Get into a state of competition :

    When it comes to losing weight, having a little competition around you goes a long way. You can set your own competition with people in family or friends in terms of losing weight. This way you can even inspire others to lose their weight.

  • Enjoy a healthy diet:

    Stock and organize your fridge with some healthy foods in clear containers. Keep fruit alongside in beautiful bowls on your counter tops so that you don’t miss a chance to eat them on time. Try and adjust your environment that reflects your intentions as it will help you to stay on track more easily .

    Make a list of the reasons for losing weight :

    Make a running list of the things which look better in your life when you would have achieved your desired weight. This list can include things such as being healthier, gaining more stamina, looking more attractive and young, improving your confidence, wearing all types of fun fashions or setting a good example for your kids etc.


Try and celebrate these new milestones in order to stay motivated and inspired for your weight loss program even after the weighing scale has not shown any progress for yourself.


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