8 Ways to look after your nails!

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Is it your dream to have long, beautiful and strong nails that do not break or chip easily? Here I have some very good tips to help you take good care of your nails without hiring any salon services.

    • Use nail creams:

      At times, your regular hand cream is just not enough so to look after your nails properly, it is important that you buy good nail creams. These creams are usually not very expensive and can be found easily in the market. You may try a few of them till you find the one which suits your need the best.

  • Do not do cuticle removing:

    A biggest mistake that many girls would do when it comes to their nails is about cutting their cuticles. It should never be done rather you should use a cuticle removing cream or gel and then softly press your cuticles towards back using a cuticle removing stick.

  • Regular clipping:

    You don’t need to maintain super long nails as it’s not just unpractical but it also gives you a negative look. So keep your nails at a length which does not bother you in your everyday chores and try to clip them regularly. Remember that long nails are more prone to breaking.

  • Filing and Polishing:

    Always invest in a good nail file and every time you clip your nails, don’t forget to file them. Polish your nails not more often than just once a month as if you do it more , it will make your nails thinner and weaker day by day.

  • Easy on Nail Polish:

    The colorful nails may look cool, but a continuous use of nail polish does a lot of damage to your nails. Therefore, always use a high quality nail polish .

  • Using the oil based nail polish removers:

    Try and opt for some oil based nail polish removers as they will do less harm to your nails.

  • Use artificial nails if your original ones are too weak:

    Although I personally don’t like the idea of using the artificial nails, however, a lot of my friends with really weak nails say that the acrylic and gel nails support them from breaking their natural nails. Therefore, if your nails are weak like them, you may also opt for artificial nail solutions but be careful as some girls may face quite bad reactions with gel and acrylic.

  • Keep Your Nails Healthy:

    You must know how to keep your nails healthy as no treatment or a special care would be of any help if you don’t know how to keep your nails healthy. Eat proper diet , take a balanced intake of calcium, minerals and vitamins so that your nails stay strong and firm.

Generally speaking, ladies love their nails and they try hard to make their hands look elegant and feminine. However, many girls out there also have problems with their nails so we aim to give a strong and pretty look to the nails of those girls today!

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