How to Look Beautiful in Old Age


Reaching old age people become experienced with happy and sad incidents of life. Silver and receding hairs, wrinkles on the skin are enriched with lots of experiences. These old age  signs remind us that youth has gone and in this old age we have to maintain our personality by taking care of health, skin and hair. According to age the makeup and dressing should be done. It will bring both grace and beauty in you. Wrong ways of dressing will make you look older than your age. So you need to learn the proper hair styling and suitable makeup as per your age.


Hair style for old age women:


With an increase in age the face and hair change. A specific hair style of young age may not suit a more mature woman. Most women feel hair loss in old age which makes their forehead large. In this case, avoid doing ponytail and make a flick cut in which the forehead is covered somehow. It makes a woman stylish with a simple hairstyle. Women whose hair becomes thinner towards the end should cut their hair short to look smart and younger. To look younger and to avoid short hair cut you can try different wigs at a hair cutting parlour and choose the right one which suits your face.

Women should experiment with new hair styles. Some may not like to make their hair short, but it is easy to handle in old age. And it also makes you look beautiful and younger as short hair gives you a fuller look.


Make up ideas for older women:

In old age wrinkles are found in the face. There is no necessity to hide them under heavy makeup but you should prefer softening them with proper cosmetics. Use a concealer to disguise any lines with wrinkles on the face. Appropriate foundation should be used according to the skin too. It will give a glow to the face. A cream blush for the cheek will give you a young look.


Use brush for lipstick application:


Use a brush to apply lipstick instead of lip liner. Avoid dark colours of lipstick. Because it makes the mouth dark and dull. So you need to apply pastel colour.


Eye shadows:


Using eye shadows will give old age women a younger look. Always use lighter colours like grey or brown instead of dark colours. Because dark colours make the eyes more sunken and as a result your look will be older. Grey and brown colours will suit with your grey hair and the eye shadow should be applied properly without leaving any broken lines.


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