How to lose fat around the belly area?

Changing your body’s underlying biochemistry such that your body gets the message that it has to let go the fat it is storing around the belly area of your body should be your first aim, if you wish to lose belly fat.

How to lose fat around the belly area?

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Belly fat is very bad because it behaves differently than fat stored in other parts of your body. The toxic fat around the belly is more metabolically active than fat stored elsewhere. It can lead to diabetes, heart disease, cancer, stroke and high blood pressure. One great problem caused by this fat is insulin resistance.


After you have eaten some particular types of food or due to some other causes like stress response, the level of blood sugar increases. Insulin is released to move the glucose out of blood into the cells to give energy to them. If that energy is not needed by your body or not burned by your body, the body stores the glucose as fat. If stress continues, the body stimulates breakdown of sugar stored in liver and muscle to give further energy. To deal with this extra glucose, more insulin is released. Overtime, the body becomes intolerant to insulin or insulin resistant. Thus, it is very important to lose belly fat to prevent many fatal diseases and stay healthy.

Ways To Lose Fat Around Your Belly


  • Exercise:

How to lose fat around the belly area?

Exercising in bursts can help you lose fat stored in the middle of your body. If you find that running on the trade mill for one hour is very boring, there is good news for you. You can flatten your belly by including short bursts of high-intensity exercises. This actually means doing high-intensity burnouts at intervals during exercises such as running, walking or squats. This can help lose that extra fluff around your belly.

  • Stretch before doing a crunch:

Stretching is as important as crunching, if you want to trim your belly. Put a foam roller at the center of your back supporting the shoulder blades. With your arms up, stretch back over the roller before doing crunch. Repeat the process till the middle part of your back fells loose.

  • Olive oil:

This may sound weird when it comes to losing belly fat, it works. Some compounds in this oil can stimulate signals to the brain that makes you feel full. It helps to curb appetite and saves you from feeling hungry all the time. You can’t think of drinking olive oil on its own, so try dipping multi-grain bread into about one tablespoon of olive oil. Eat this, fifteen minutes before a meal.

  • Drink lots of water:

How to lose fat around the belly area?

Water plays a critical role in regulating your metabolic rate. Drinking eight glasses of water daily helps the body to run more efficiently. It makes your workouts and other healthy eating efforts a lot more effective.

  • No Bed-time Snack:

You are aware of the fact that you should not munch on anything unhealthy like pizza just before going to bed but another fact is that eating something healthy right before going to bed can also make you gain belly fat by throwing off your calorie burning momentum. Make sure to eat well at dinner and stay away from any type of food two hours before going to bed.

  • Relax:

Stress is one of the top reasons behind belly fat. When you are stressed, your body automatically produces a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol interferes with your body chemistry and triggers extra storage of fat in your gut. When you are feeling stressed, shut your eyes and start taking long deep breaths. Five minutes of long deep breaths can help you fight your stress and make you more relaxed.

  • Get enough sleep:

How to lose fat around the belly area?

Your body requires about six to eight hours of sleep every night. If you aren’t meeting this minimum, your natural rhythm will be thrown off. This can make your body to freak out and trigger overproduction of cortisol. So, to keep your tummy slim, get the right amount of sleep every night.

  • Eat every three hours:

Skipping breakfast or lunch may not be a good idea to save calories and lose belly fat. It can actually lead to the opposite. Staying without food for longer periods can take your body to the starvation mode. During the starvation mode, the body starts storing everything you have already eaten as fat not knowing when it is going to be fed again. Having a small meal every three hours will provide sufficient fuel to your body and keep it in prime calorie torching mode throughout the day.

  • Start loving the greens:

Have you always hated the greens? Now, you have a good reason to start loving them. The greens like kale, broccoli and lettuce are practically calorie free. They are also rich in vitamins and make you feel super-full for a longer time. They are a good choice for lunch or substitute for an unhealthy snack, if you trying to lose belly fat.

  • Keep watch on alcohol:

Consuming alcohol in moderation is not wrong but when you start drinking it in excess, you pack weight around the belly area. Alcohol is digested as sugar which will ultimately be stored as fat. So, next time when you grab your bottle of wine, make sure you moderate your intake.

  • Pumping Iron:

You might have heard that cardio is important for toning tummy but do you know that weight lifting is equally critical? Weight lifting helps build muscle mass. More muscle means more efficient calorie processing and fat burning capacity of your body. So, pump iron few times a week to achieve a sculpted middle.

  • Dark Chocolate:

Staying away from chocolate is often advised to people who are trying to lose weight but dark chocolate has something special in it. Dark chocolate is packed with Zinc. Zinc is like a best friend to belly. Zinc increases the ‘leptin’ circulating levels of your body. Leptin is a hormone that regulates many things that impact having a fluff over your abs. It regulates the expenditure of energy, appetite and also storage of fat. However, while choosing a dark chocolate make sure to go for one which is low in sugar. Dark chocolate should also be taken in moderation.



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