How to make his parents like you

So, you liked the guy in your dance class, you asked him out and he said yes. Congrats! But what lies ahead might be even more frightful. Although guys surely get worried when it comes to meeting their girlfriend’s parents, girls dread it even more.

One reason for this is that judgment criteria is critically high in our society when it comes to accepting girls as your future daughter in law and while a guy can comfortably meet your parents wearing shorts and talk about his ex’s, you cannot imagine doing the same in front of his parents unless you do not plan to marry him.

So, when you are meeting them for the first time, do not be nervous and just follow these tips that will make them fall in love with you like their son did!

Dress appropriately:

You need to understand that this is the most crucial judgmental criterion for Indian parents no matter how cool they might appear. By dressing appropriately, I do not mean wear a sari but wear something that is decent, which excludes shorts or low neck tops. You do not necessarily have to be formally dressed but sober is good.

Bring a gift:

If it’s the end of the month and you are running short of money, do not worry. You can even cook something that your boyfriend’s parents will love eating or find a good novel at your home and take it for them. But remember, it is etiquette 101, so even when the guy repeatedly tells you that you do not need to bring anything, bring something. Flowers, chocolates or ice cream are a great option and will instantly increase your chances of being adored by his parents. Yes, it is bribery but you must ensure that you play this card for instant magical effects.

Put up your best behavior:

Greeting them with a smile and saying sorry and thank you are just the first page of the entire book of how to display best manners and politeness. You must ensure that you help them in the kitchen and ask them if they need help with cleaning the table after lunch. Do not be rude even if they say something against your beliefs and politely tell them what you believe in. The last and most crucial tip is to not play with your smartphone while they are talking to you.

Ask them about their interests:

It may seem that it’s all about you, but it’s not. You must repeatedly ask them about their interests as it will help you better understand them and you will better be able to know if you can get along with them well or not. Furthermore, it’s all about giving respect and love if you want to earn it. Asking them about their interests will make them feel special and they will surely adore you for that. This tip always works!

Ask for their help:

If you are stuck in some situation and need help, ask them for their advice. They will surely guide you and this will create a great bond between you and his parents. It will help you in confiding in them and they will feel close to you as a result.

Photo credit: Flickr/CC/Daniel Y. Go