7 Ways to drive your man crazy with pleasure!

How to please your man?

We asked a bunch of guys and experts what was their top bedroom’s wish list to transform you into a love goddess and make your man really happy! While men love speaking with their friends about their secret fantasies they are more secret with their beloved one and find it difficult to share simply they like. No need to be a porn actress to give him an amazing time! It is way easier than you think.


Find Out what turns him on! 

Is it your sexy heels, your nice little red dress or your perfume? It can also be more hidden fantasies like loving your feet or your laugh or even feeling aroused when he sees you with other women… Communication is key in your relationship and in your sexual life. Find a relaxing moment and you can open the conversation by sharing some of your own fantasies. Don’t be afraid! Speak and ask him in an open way what are his desires and speak about yours and how you could make his wish list and yours become true. It can be a big turn in your sexual life for both of you and give your libido a boost!


Be his erotic guide

How to please your man?

Men are sometimes lost with the feminine pleasure and we all have to admit we sometimes fake to shout in bed not to hurt men’s ego (80% of women fake orgasm). Men are really thankful if you can guide them and give them clear instructions about what we like and feel.


Talk dirty

Men need to be encouraged and it turns them on when we get loud during sex (not too loud though). Punctuating your “Ahhhhh” and “Ohhhhhh” with some “I love it”, “Yes go on” and “Your are the best baby” will add a new skill to your sex toolbox. You can also speak dirty with him by sexto (and that brings us back to point number one). Be creative.


Try new positions!

Be curious and open your Kama sutra, think about changing the speed and pressure. Avoid getting bored in bed with your partner and have in mind to learn new stuff in bed. Of course, when you feel one move works really well you can do it over and over and it will always seem as exciting for both of you. Feel free with your body to express new ways of making love and it will create a good dynamic that will be very pleasurable for your man.


Blow jobs

Nothing to add, men love it!


Men love to watch

How to please your man?

And especially during sex. So top-position or reverse cowboy is a great one for them to have an eyeful (and also men are sometimes just lazy). Wearing sexy underwear is important too. Priya told us her husband got so excited when she suggested they could make love with a mirror above their head and as a surprise, she had also bought an amazing set of underwear.


Get naughty

Show him you like sex and especially sex with him. He will love it if you show him you get hot for him. Men are afraid to offend you by asking you to be wilder but do not hesitate to show you are ready for more. Take some initiatives with your body language to show that you are into him.




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