How to renovate yourself?


Not just your house or work place, you need renovation too! Nothing remains stagnant. Everything is likely to change. Most importantly, you! Unless you know what you want and how to go about with it, it isn’t quite possible for you to understand yourself. One fine day, you might just feel that people around you do not interest you anymore, that your life isn’t following the right path or that no matter how hard you try living up to expectations, everything falls apart. This needs an introspection of your virtues and vices, your wants and desires.

It is extremely important to change yourself according to time and circumstances. You can’t run a mission to change people, but only yourself. You can take a very positive approach towards life. Positive people are the happiest. They don’t get stuck with things that are beyond their control. Wouldn’t you like to take a few steps towards the positivity that is awaiting you?

Jot down what you want:

Have a journal. Write down everything about yourself. What’s good and even the bad! Question yourself. Who do you see yourself as? What should be your plan of action? Many of us, aren’t satisfied with what we have. There’s a constant demand for more. Be it a life partner, our bodies or aspirations. Think about what’s possible. Try and be as realistic as you can. Work on the possible options to change whatever you want to. Writing them down will help you visualise. Remember, dreams do come true!

You might state innumerable arguments, but looks do matter.

This is why people say, dress for the time and occasion. Consider changing your dress habits or try makeup for a while. Experiment. You have no idea how making eyeballs turn can give you the boost of confidence. The feel- good factor can push you into achieving what you previously thought wasn’t possible. You will nonetheless remain a woman of substance but this will just make you feel happier.

Be in the company of people you admire.

Try broadening your horizons in terms of you social circle. Throughout teenage, I was an introvert. With time I realised how important it is to socialise. Try keeping in touch with people you know or recent contacts. You might have met a friend of another friend. Try gelling. Also, if you need to negate pessimists from your life, do so, immediately. Accept and give acceptance to newer people. They might change you in a completely different way or help you explore a new You!


Exploring a different city, or for that matter, a wholly different country can change your personality. Unless you are a potato couch who doesn’t move out of the house. People will see you through a different lens. Since you will be a stranger to people, you can present yourself differently. You have the chance of portraying a different character, work on your shortcomings and might even find friends who you can share a frequency with. Staying in a new place all by yourself will help yu understand how brave/ independent you are. Scrutinize, there’s plenty to discover.




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