How to stay fit this winter


Winter affects everyone! Be it a healthy young man, an infant or an elderly, winter can cast its numbing shadow on each one of us. The cold days and chilly nights make us crave for a sunny day. Well, since the law of nature can’t be disturbed and we cannot stop the winter season, we definitely can protect ourselves and find a way of enjoying the weather!  Follow these cool tips to fight back the freezing season-

Choose your garment wisely

– Along with winter, comes the dangers of the lungs. Cover your mouth with a scarf to prevent the cold breeze from entering your lungs. No matter how cold the winter gets, you will always need protection. Cover yourself with layers of clothing. Avoid wearing tight and heavy outfits. Instead, go for loose and comfortable garments which are apparently more manageable. Wear mittens instead of gloves. They not only look cute but also share the warmth between your fingers. Wear socks to avoid contacting your feet with the chilly floor. Wear clothes, jackets, woolly outfits, gloves, mittens to protect yourself.

Pump in energy with exercise

As the temperature drops, you tend to give up your exercise and hibernate indoors. Regular exercise during the winter season reduces the risk of cold or cough. If you are not comfortable outdoors, you can perform yoga or stretches indoors. Walk, jog, run, exercise, perform yoga but keep your body moving and in shape. Exercise, ultimately improves your mood. So avoid skipping the gym.

Eat healthy

Eat plenty of fruits. Root veggies, oatmeal, soups are essential nutritious food you need to savour during the winter. Because you are limited to the  vitamin-D in your body, try eating lot of vitamin D rich food like salmons, cereals, eggs, etc. Healthy eating can actually keep you warm!

Care for your beautiful hair

Hats and scarves can make your hair more prone to breakage. To avoid this, carefully sew a silk lining inside your hat and secure it the right way. We get really lazy when it comes to shampooing hair during winter. Wash your hair with warm water at least once a week and use a deep conditioner. Avoid heating your hair as much as possible. Instead, go for a wet look. Massage your scalp with coconut or jojoba oil. This will prevent hair fall.

Look after your skin well

The harsh windy weather can make your skin dry and flaky. Retain the moisture of your skin by using an “oil-based” moisturizer.  Say no to stepping into over hot baths! Pinch some oatmeal I to your bath and wash yourself with lukewarm water. Moisturise your face, hands and feet periodically.

Embrace winter

Enjoy staying indoors with a book, blaring music and knitting. Perhaps, you can write a book too! Sleep comfortably during the long nights and embrace the Old man!