How to understand that he loves you

Thanks to all the rom-com movies and all the classic mills & boons novels, which have created this picture-perfect idea of love for us girls. These novels and movies always have their prince charming and heroes doing big gestures effortlessly, spending a huge amount of cash and doing all those materialistic things, which nowhere near stays forever with us.

Hence it’s important to sit back and find happiness in little things he does. Observe his little gestures and actions which speak louder than his words and all these materialistic things, to see, does he actually love you or is it time for you to let your guards up and say bye?

There is no real way to test someone’s love, after all, it’s a feeling in its purest form. But we can silence our insecurities and fears by observing these 6 signs.

He wants to give to you

Real love is all about investing and doing things for your loved one. If your man is being selfish about sharing something or even giving you the attention, you have visibly asked for, stop calling him yours! When you love someone, you feel like giving that person everything you possess. You want to do those little things to keep your partner happy. Even if that means for him to cook your favourite Chicken Alfredo Lasagna and share the little moments of joy with you.

The way he looks at you

Eyes say it all! And I don’t mean your man stares at you in a creepy way. No, not at all that! Just that when he’ll look at you it would be with proudness, serenity and peacefulness. With all the care for you in the world like he is happy to be with you.

He treats you like a priority

Adult life is all about the boring and busy job routines while trying to catch up on your sleep, health, long lost friends and family time. While all of this is going on, observe how your man takes out time for you. If you really mean something to him, he’ll make sure to spend a couple of hours of his day with you, to listen to your problems and be there for you to help you solve them any time of the day. Unless, he’s in a meeting with his boss, which in case you need to understand.

He wants to immerse himself in your life

He’ll encourage you to make him meet your friends and family if he sees a long way with you. He’ll do little things to make sure your friend’s circle and family likes him so that you can love him more. He’ll try to be involved in your life, even when the only time you get is in the kitchen or while doing home chores, which he might not really be fond of.

He really sees you

He’ll notice little things about you. Which no one else has like how you eat this Southern Chicken Salad cooked in a specific way when you come home after a bad day. Or how your Sunday mornings are all about making batches of your favourite Italian Meringue Buttercream so that you feel better about your unproductive day. He’ll notice how you go pink when you blush or interact with others in his presence. He’ll make sure to pay attention to your little details and adore you for them.

Your happiness is as important to him as his own

If its true love, he might keep your happiness before his own. A man who loves you will never stop going an extra mile for you and doing all those things that make you happy, even if he doesn’t like them. Notice how he encourages you to do things you’re passionate about and help you with them just to see that smile on your face.

Above All

Every relationship has its ups and downs and it will not always be butterflies and unicorns with him. You both will fight and have second thoughts about your relationship. It is important to consider these 6 signs about him and not give up if they all are positive!


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