How to wash your vagina – tips for female hygiene!

As everything needs to be washed at some point – so does your vagina. There are a lot of bacteria (not a bad thing) in and around your vagina. If you do not wash your vagina regularly it can cause smell. explains in several steps how to wash your vagina.


Six steps on how to wash your vagina and prevent it from smelling

  1. To start with: change your slip every day. It is important to always wear fresh underwear. Also make sure that your underwear is made from cotton – it needs to breathe!
  2. When you wash your vagina, you use plain and unperfumed soap. You start to clean the area around your vagina. The vagina will clean itself inside your body with natural vaginal secretions.
  3. Also wash your perineum. The perineum is the little area between your vagina and your anus.
  4. Now wash your anal area but make sure the sponge or washcloth do not touch your vagina area. You do not want rectal germs near your vagina.
  5. When you have your period, change your pad or tampon frequently. If you are concerned about a smelly vagina feel free to wash your vagina more often when you have the period.
  6. Some people do, some do not. But trimming your pubic hair might be helpful. If it is very think it might make you sweat in your vagina area. Also it might be too bushy for some taste but this is entirely how you like it.

Very important to know is, that washing your vagina does not prevent you from being pregnant! Always use condoms when having sex or some other contraception, although condoms also prevent you from getting sexual diseases.



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