What hurts you the most according to your Zodiac?

What’s your zodiac? Did you know what hurts a Gemini, a Sagittarius, a Taurus, a Pisces and the other zodiac signs the most? Read on to find out.

This article mentions a few of those things that hurt us the most when brought on to us by our loved ones especially.

What hurts you the most according to your Zodiac?

Is this what hurts you too?


What hurts you in a relationship is when your partner asks you to pipe down. Aries is energetic and doesn’t like to be told to pause or calm down. Asking them to calm down can instead make them even more hyper so that they end up taking rash steps to counter the sudden distortion in the ongoing flow of its nature.


Taurus can’t bear to have their partner call somebody else attractive right before them. You get insecure Taurus and your partner cannot make it up to you even by saying something like “not as much as you” in order to reaffirm your attractiveness as per them. Having your love appreciate someone else can cause you to feel dejected and upset Taurus.


Being told that something you said didn’t make sense or sounded silly can shatter you Gemini. You pride yourself in being intelligent and a perfect conversationalist with wonderful and varied ideas constantly revolving in your head. If your partner hence comes up to tell you Gemini, that you don’t make sense in what you’re saying or let’s say ignore your jokes and anything you say for that matter, then it is likely to deeply hurt you.


Cancer, you’re emotional. It’s a given. However you try hard not to let your vulnerable side show just to anybody. You give yourself time to be able to develop adequate amount of trust on somebody to come out of your shell because being aware of your emotional side you are simply afraid of getting hurt.

But when your partner, the one you had put all your trust on tells you something like you are excessively needy, it is going to hurt you really bad. You are going to feel like a loser, vulnerable and betrayed.


What hurts you the most according to your Zodiac?

Leo you are very particular about your appearance because you dig compliments and attention. But then there are days when we might just not look our best due to various reasons – illness, stress, emotional distress and so on. These are the times when Leo needs occasional validation from their nearest and dearest. However, if they fail to provide Leo with validation and instead blurt out something like “You’re not looking as great as you did last weekend. What’s wrong with your hair?” it’s going to break Leo’s heart and there won’t be any way to put those pieces together.


Virgo is a perfectionist. They like everything about them to be well thought out and in place. However if your boyfriend or girlfriend comes up to tell you that you should learn something from the couple who live next door or your their best friend’s relationship, the way they decorate the house, and basically the way they are, it turn pick Virgo big time.

Well because you’re always trying to perfect everything that’s in your hand when someone you trust so much doubts your skills and your being you don’t really want to include him as a part of your life any longer. Of course it made you sad Virgo.


For Libra their friends form a very important part of their lives. Without your friends it is very difficult to define you Libra. If your partner tells you that they don’t like your friends or requests you to break tie with a few of them then you might as well can break up with them Libra. It hurts you to have to listen to anything vulgar or deprecating about your friends Libra because it is equal to deprecating you.


Scorpio is possessive and hence can get jealous sometimes. It’s going to hurt you Scorpio when your partner compares you with or plainly refers to their ex during moments of argument or celebration. Anything to do with highlighting the positives of the ex can annoy Scorpio to no ends. Why would you talk about an ex when you’re present is right before you. Your concern should be about your current partner and not your past relationship.


Sagittarius you’re full of energy, vivacious, on the go and willing to explore whenever you find a chance. Also, Sagittarius you are very optimistic and fun loving. However even though you are friendly with all, it only takes a chosen few to know your childish side which has its contribution in triggering explorer’s spirit in you. If one of your loved ones challenges this spirit by calling your childish side into the open and by terming you as crazy or immature then you’re going to be hurt Sagittarius. It’s going to affect your confidence and your mental well being in all.


You’re one of the hardest working individuals amongst the other signs in the zodiac, Capricorn and in spite of that if you don’t receive the desired respect for being so serious and motivated in what you do then you might as well switch your partner.

Capricorn loves working hard. There is no stopping them. They are hard working, sensitive, romantic individuals with a great sense of humour and despite being an entire package if your partner’s parents aren’t fond of you or your partner isn’t proud enough of you then you should not have to stick around Capricorn. You’re worth better. Don’t hurt yourself aimlessly.


Aquarius you love being called quirky, out of the box, original and you don’t even mind being termed as crazy. But if you’re told that you are rather like somebody else in your mannerisms, your thought processes and so on, even be it your mother, you’re going to take it as an offense.

You love and adore your mother but you know you have your individuality Aquarius. You’re independent, and nothing like anybody else they know. You’re used to hearing how different you are and not how similar you are to somebody else. Sometimes a mean partner might even compare you with your mother in a condescending manner trying to accentuate the things that they dislike about your mother. But you know you’ve borrowed all that you love and so there’s no question of regretting your choices. You make ‘different’ choices Aquarius and that’s what defines you.


Your creative mind can sometimes run too wild Pisces but that’s how you are right? You need a partner who is going to help you channelize that creative and imaginative mind of yours in the right direction instead of telling you off for dreaming and as a consequence, hurting your already emotional being. You need someone to walk with you, to show you the way, to have with you when you begin to take new endeavours. You might get emotional sometimes and break down when your dreams don’t see the light of reality and that’s when your partner should come in as a support instead of hurting you even better by pointing out your nature as problematic.

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