Indian fashion: Indo-Western style everywhere!

Indian fashion: Indo-Western style everywhere!

The advanced world of today has undergone limitless fashion transformations. Every decade has brought new trends and styles that have become a fashion cult all over the nation. Fashion fusion has been the latest trend-setting element, which has become the signature style of all women today. A mixture of Western and South Asian style has embossed a clothing trend that initially got showcased through Bollywood Celebrities. Bollywood Actresses have inspired millions through Indian fashion and western cults, especially today’s youth.

Fusion trend-setting attires

Indian fashion: Indo-Western style everywhere!

Today, women don’t stick only to one genre of clothing. Today, crediting to the advanced day and age struck by cinema influence, women wear concocted dressing styles like choli and jeans, short kurtas with formal pants, sleeveless kurtis and pants along with dupattas and so on. Even the most traditional attires of Indian fashion like lehengas and ghagaras are also coupled with halter tops and tank tops, thus revolutionizing trend altogether.

And the trend continues till date…

Indian fashion: Indo-Western style everywhere!

Today, traditional salwars have also gone through numerous variations in terms of their appearance. For instance, women prefer wearing the ‘salwar kameez’ attire excluding the role of sleeves. Spaghetti straps have come into vogue and also the latest style of ‘one sleeve’, which could be a balloon sleeve, box sleeve or even Raglan Sleeve with a ‘Madame’ effect.

Western style blouses are also being involved along with traditional saris to give it a modernized look. Famous Indian actresses like Deepika Padukone, Anushka Sharma, Sonam Kapoor, etc. have started off this ‘blended’ cult, which has made them an admirable icon for millions of ‘women’ followers. Even necklines are taking a deeper dip, thus presenting the ‘assorted’ style more radiating and influencing.

Indian fashion: Anywhere and Everywhere!

Today, women never shy away from donning these Indian fashion outfits for different occasions like weddings, parties and even religious functions. These indo western outfits are being able to gel well the ambience with grace and elegance. Crediting to the blended fact of these outfits, women are able to make peace with comfort and convenience wherever they go. Moreover, the ways in which these outfits are designed with sequins, artistic embroideries, Indian motifs, etc. Some of these blended outfits have also made way into the bridal collections with its aesthetic designer patterns and styles which have elegantly replaced outdated and old school fashion and style.

Designer’s talk…

Today, almost all fashion designers are embedding this Indo-Western style into their collections, thus redefining the sense of fashion for women followers. Nowadays women prefer to clone the styles of serial celebrities who are majorly donning these outfits in all their serial seasons. Accessories like kadas, anklets, earrings, etc. are the most preferred accompaniments for these outfits, thus completing the Indo-western essence altogether.

Women are on a constant look out for ‘fashion’ change. Any style that seems reformed and trendy catches their eye for trial and experimentation. Such reformed trends have indeed escalated the demand and interest meter of all women inclined towards the fashion world.

Picture Courtesy: Instagram Account: nikimehra

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