Indian homemakers: bossy or depressed drudges?

Indian housewives: bossy or depressed drudges?

‘Homemaking is a passion you can pass on from generation to generation.’ ~Elizabeth George

A homemaker or a primary cook, supervisor, grocery shopper, finance manager, maid, organizer, and so much more. So many hats to wear, but not enough training to handle and manage them. But, Indian house wives have to take this responsibility soon after they get married; does not matterif it is a love or arranged wedlock. This story is familiar to many females in Indian homes, specifically the ones who married in less affluent families, because elites can easily get servants for their house chores.

The life of Indian homemaker revolves around the mantra ‘marriage life is nothing but to build and nurture your household’. Whatsoever your academic qualification is, whatever career peak you are at, sooner or later, you have to get married whether you like it or not. And, the story continues!

Women’s Duties as Illustrated in Holy Scriptures

According to Mahabhatara, Anusasana parva CXLVI, ‘the duties of women arise as created at the outset by kinsmen in the rites of wedding. Indeed, a woman becomes, in the presence of nuptial fire, the associate of her lord in the performance of all righteous deeds…Possessed of a good disposition, endued with sweet speech, sweet conduct, and sweet features, and always looking at the face of her husband and deriving as much joy from it as she does from looking at the face of her child, that chaste woman who regulates her acts by observing the prescribed restraints, comes to be regarded as truly righteous in her conduct’.

Manu Smriti says:

‘Where women are honored, there the gods are pleased, but where they are not honored, there no sacred rite is fruitful.”

This is the glory of Indian womanhood.

Homemaking in Indian Culture-A Never Ending Chore:

She is habitual to wake up early in the morning, unlock the doors, taking a fresh bath, doing praying rituals, and then wakes up the rest of the family members. She is the one who collects milk bottles and picks the newspaper from the doorstep. She is fast enough to get breakfast ready for all so that everyone can leave the house on time. She is the one who takes care of everyone’s lunch boxes.

She usually eats in the last, and then starts cleaning the house not only because she wants a hygienically safe home for his family, but also to greet the expected guests during the day or in the evening. She prepares dinner as the sun starts to sink in the sky. She is the one who gets everybody to the bed and is the last person to sleep in the entire house. She plans for Diwali, Navratri and a lot many other occasions and festivities. She hardly gets good naps. No wonders, this is ‘THE’Indian culture.

She is my mother, she is your mother, or she is merely a ‘housewife’ who works like a labor at a brick kiln. Housewife is a term that has not been given by India’s orthodox ethos its due. It’s not that gloomy because noble people elevates the dignity of housewives by calling them ‘home makers’.

An Amazing Multi-Tasker Who Works for God’s Glory!

Indian housewives: bossy or depressed drudges?

It’s an open fact that a large proportion of women in India spend their matrimonial life working sun up to sun down in their homes. This is what no one can dare to deny. Indian home plans and designs become well worth with an extensive involvement of females.

However, a few bigoted people disparaged and demeaned the Indian homemaker life. They usually think it is something Indian housewives are forced to do. It is true to some extent, but mostly females love to manage their homes particularly for God’s glory; a big responsibility in Holy Scriptures and a source of lasting bliss and joy.God’s glory does not focus on power, riches or material beauty, but soul’s contentment, peace of mind and being a good, supportive and caring human being. And, that’s the actual goal of human salvation to sovereign powers of Gods.

Apparently all their hard efforts crop up with limited perks. But, the perk of God’s glory takes over other things and makes the life of a housewife extraordinary in so many aspects.

What’s the Priority? Career or Managing Her Home?

Indian housewives: bossy or depressed drudges?

While preparing for her career, she hardly think about managing her home. But, eventually she has to. This scenario belonged to my cousin married in a mediocre family. She so wanted to pursue her law career, but under family influence she stepped back. But, this doesn’t mean she is living a restricted life.For me, she is a quintessential Indian homemaker living an extraordinary life.

Once she told me that, she now enjoys building her home. She loves every minute of it though she also faced some difficult times. But, she loved being a homemaker. See it is up to you how positively you could adjust your mindset and certainly your in-laws should support you.

So,better not to focus on theglumside alone. Remember, every cloud has a silver lining. I would suggest the young girls that if you are going to do something, put all your efforts to do it well or else do not do it at all; better to remain single rather than apitiable wedlock.

Betty Ford, theFirst Lady of USA (1974 to 1977) once commented on the value of a homemaker and said, ‘A liberated woman is one who feels confident in herself and is happy in what she is doing. A woman who is satisfied with her life at home is just as liberated as a woman with a career outside the home.What is important is that a person has the option to decide the direction of her own life and that she makes that decision herself, without pressures restricting her choice’.

I do agree that the satisfaction of a happy, contended marriage and raising children as responsible citizens is more fulfilling than any career.  However, to cultivate your life as a full-time wife and a good mother takes plenteous skills, hard work and undeniably lots of determination.

Home Making is a Career:

Today, India is both changing as well as staying the same. Hence, for some people Indian housewives are identical to depressed workers with the least possible benefits, while a few thinks that they are the pampered dolls who preferably live for themselves away from professional career thing.

These amazing ladies actually know that home making in itself is a career. Let’s have a look how you can grow yourself as an exceptional homemaker.

  • Take all the responsibilities of wifehood and motherhood seriously.
  • Take charge of your family’s health and cultivate a friendly atmosphere in your home.
  • Carve out a little time to read a book on any skill you need to improve such as cooking, sewing.
  • Do not be overwhelmed with daily chores; just be cool, consistent and levelheaded.
  • Practice hospitality by calling your relatives to visit your place; twice a month would be enough.
  • Stop making excuses for lack of time; learn time management and do the important work first.
  • Give yourself grace and for this, you must stopping comparing your life with others.
  • Continually work on becoming an intentional homemaker that pleases family as well as God.

Final Thought:

Housewives must be applauded for their brilliant capabilities of multitasking from dawn to dusk. But, have you ever thought that this unchanged routine can drain of their emotional and intellectual vitality. And, this is the point where your home’s ambience can get stagnant; an alarming situation for both male and female family members.

I believe that women are destined to be great, successful homemakers; creators of a well-reputed family leading to structure a better society. Hold on! No one is saying to take yourself for granted anddo not chase your dreams. No sensible person can force you for not pursuing your professional career. But, don’t you think your partner and children needs you the most. Give it a shot! It all depends on you whether you want to be a real homemaker-the boss at home or just a dejected worker.


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