Indian Wedding Makeup

Indian Wedding Makeup

India is traditionally rich and diverse. It is a land where so many civilisations came and merged with the prevalent civilisation, so today it is hard to distinguish one tradition from the other. However, these traditions are special with subcontinent and can be easily recognised. Indian wedding tradition is as special as other traditions and there is a specific type of traditional Indian bridal makeup to complement a traditional dress and the wedding ceremony.

Indian bridal makeup starts with face as any bridal makeup does. It is only limited by the imagination of the bride or makeup artist how do they want the facial makeup to be done. Wedding day is one of the most memorable days of a girl’s life and she wants to appear more special than any other girl present on that occasion. Even though she knows that she would be the centre of attention but competition is very tough on marriage, as every girl wants to appear ‘the best’ on this ceremonial occasion.


Indian bride makeup pattern depends on the neckline of the dress. The colour, embroidery and style of neckline matter a lot when it comes about deciding what pattern the makeup should be of. For a lower neckline makeup shall be different and hair should be donned in a way that neckline and shoulders are shown-off. Makeup is supposed to complement the dress and it should not be very vibrant if the dress is simple.


Indian Wedding Makeup

Indian makeup is made special by use of henna on hands and sometimes on wrists, even feet. It is complemented by bangles, teeka and a large necklace. Sari is an everyday dress for Indian women but brides on their marriages use very expensive versions of saris as well.


Indian wedding makeup starts with wearing foundation on skin. Mostly brides do not trust themselves or their friends for this special occasion and they go to makeup parlours or they hire makeup artists. Mascara, blush, lipstick has to be applied as per the special event and in a special way. It is very necessary for the makeup to match the attire of a bride on the wedding day. A daytime marriage shall be less formal than a night-time marriage so makeup should look more natural and less decorative. On the contrary, a night-time marriage is very formal and the bride is supposed to have a more sophisticated look. If the lighting is stronger, makeup has to appear softer while stronger makeup is preferred in dull lighting.


Indian Wedding Makeup

Indian wedding makeup traditions are different as per culture or religion as well. While Muslims and Hindus both represent Asia-oriented cultures, Christians do belong to the cultural traditions of Europe so their makeup tradition matches more to their European fellows than their countrymen. Muslim women wear salwar kamis and Hindu women wear ghagra cholis and saris on marriages, but in regard of makeup tone, the design of the jewellery, red or pink or other vibrant colours of their dresses and in respect of embroidery on those dresses they are same. However, Christian women of India prefer a simple and decent white gown designed for marriage with a white net-veil. Their makeup tone is not as vibrant and lively as those of other Indian women but mostly soft and mild as per their marriage culture.


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